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  1. D

    Books, eBooks and AudioBooks Healthy Weight loss

    If you’re overweight, you are not a bad person. You’re simply overweight. But it’s important to lose the extra pounds so you’ll look good, feel healthier and develop a sense of pride and self-esteem. Once you’ve lost the fat, you’ll need to maintain your weight. In this booklet, you’ll discover...
  2. CristoferK

    YouTube How to make my tutorials better?

    If yes how do you want my tutorial to be? With voice, without voice. With intro without intro, etc. Also what type of music you will want there to be? Also say your own tips please! Please reply! ^^ P.S. I am asking this because I want to know how to make my programming tutorials better for...
  3. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 75 Subscribers! Yay!

    75 Subscribers! Yay! 75 Subscribers! Big thanks to everyone who is a subscriber! So close to 100 subscribers! If you want to learn programming fast and free my channel is for you! ^^ Also new videos every week! Please Subscribe!
  4. Bob Pepper how to Cook

    How To Hi I'm Bob Pepper and i'm NEW here

    I do Youtube Videos on how to cook and i create Animations, im not shore how it works here so give me some time to work it out
  5. ian thagger

    YouTube How I made 1000 views in just a day

    Keywords is the key to success on YouTube 1-i used a title which was suitable for my animation 2:made a good thumbnail which was clickable 3:used keywords in my description and made it long 4:used perfect tags for my video . That's what I did to get 1000 views within hours
  6. Daegnard

    Freedom! News [Youtube] Cómo Configurar Correctamente los Vídeos

    ¡Hola! Como creador de contenido, lo que subas a tu canal debe ser una seña de identidad y un producto de calidad. Toda la configuración entorno a tu vídeo debe ser optimizada al máximo y para ello te ofrecemos algunos consejos. En este vídeo de Freedom! en Español te explicamos cómo...
  7. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG He teaches me on how to make an omelette

  8. M

    How To New to Youtube! New chapter of my life! Check me out! :)

    Hi! I am Martin Allen Mejia or for short, "MAM". The content of this Channel is Gaming, Editing and cycling. I am not a professional, i am just a freelance and self taught editor and of course, a Gamer, a PC expert and a Fixed gear Cyclist! Enjoy the Content Ya'll Since i am new to youtube, And...
  9. LPSprouts

    How To How To Play Pokemon Quest on PC

    now the newest Pokemon game has recently came to mobile being ported over from the switch we can easily play in on the PC so if you're interested in that come over and watch this! :D its super easy and simple to do
  10. Deathlake

    Film/Animation BALDING!

    Please do comment below or on the actual video any hair disasters or if you're balding on the top but can rock a beard! Test animation abstract pink hair glitch. Bold patches and twirling hairs o.o
  11. NPQ

    How To How to manage your youtube video by phone - Youtube Studio

    Like, share and subscribe!!!
  12. Illusional Gaming

    Music How to Make a Lil Pump Beat in Under 2 Minutes!

    Yooooo what's up guys... I've been producing for a couple years now and I'm sharing my knowledge online cuz I never had that when I was learning to produce. Also checkout this track I dropped! It was produced, writted, and recorded in one hour... That's a huge accomplishment for me! that song...
  13. Tha Real Young One

    Service I Do Graphic Designs Too

    I'm Tha Real Young Kano and I'm a rapper, producer, songwriter, gaming journalist, and graphic designer. If you need a Banner done for your channel contact me in my email at [email protected] Prices: Face Avators-$30.00 Regular Avatars-$10.00 Banners-$15.00 Logos-$15.00
  14. PrettyKoolCat

    YouTube Livestreaming Chromakey Help Needed

    Hello all! :-) So I want to use the New Streamlabs/OBS software to stream but I can't figure out how to get the ChromaKey to work. I messed with all the settings and all it did was change the brightness of my webcam. Does anyone know how to setup the chromakey for this new software? Thanks
  15. sajid hussain

    VR hi my channel is about science and Diy projects

    hey my channel is pretty much new and i have just 13 subscribers on that i would like to collaborate my channel with you and start growing together
  16. sajid hussain

    hey guys i just want to know which diy project is cool to work

    i am an youtuber making most of the videos on science which includes DIY ideas too so can you just recommend me which DIY project you guys like most???so that i could give a try.
  17. Amaris Art

    Drawing Goku New For Ultra Instinct Omen

    Hey everyone today i've drawn Goku in his new form called Ultra Instinct ^_^/. I've use prismacolors and other art materials to draw the character. I must say I love the results and hope you learn some tips from me drawing a DBZ/DBS character. Check out my channel ^^/.
  18. Rhan

    Entertainment Big Ole Tape Ball

    Codename: Willy came up with an idea to take thirteen rolls of tape and try to make a tape ball. Did it work? How big was it? Let us know if you saw all of the hidden messages throughout the video!
  19. H

    How To life hack charging phone use coins

    Saya baru pertama kali ini masuk dan posting di forum ini, dan saya masih bingung harus menulis dimana dan bagaimana, saya hanya ingin bantuan dari anggota forum disini untuk melihat video saya dan klik iklan, karna akhir-akhir ini pendapatan saya menurun.
  20. Jankey Turtle

    PC Looking for a Group youtubers to do videos with