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  1. M

    How To I am Mandeep from India. Happy Learning is my YT channel

    Hello Freedom community, My name is Mandeep. I am from India. I heard about Freedom from one of my Youtuber Friends and now i am here. I'm glad to be part of this community. It has such vast and varied number of content creator across globe. I teach operations research and mathematics online...
  2. NPQ

    Entertainment New member

    Hello everyone, I am Nhat Anh and I have a channel, its name is NPQ TV. I don't know how to introduce myself. Thank you to read my introduce. Have a good day!. P/S: My English level is not very good. May everyone understand :)).
  3. Mike Newman

    Community Hey all

    Hey all. Its Madmik32510 or you could call me Mike. I have been in and out of the forums for the past year but havent been active until now. I first started my Youtube channel based on Minecraft series' now with a new PC i am branching to other games. You will see me around a lot more here in...
  4. Collipso1

    Gaming Collipso - (Short But Long Gaming Videos,Curently On The Road To 100subs!!)

    Hello Everyone I am a Small Gaming Youtuber How Troyes To Post Daily Gaming and Entertaining Videos,I am Currently On 51 subs And I am 49 subs away from a 100 so If You Can Help Out Thanks!!
  5. KingNabi the Great


    Bless up to EVERYONE in the forums, I'm Kweku KingNabi and of course I'm new to Freedom, just joined Yesterday!! To let you know a little about myself, I've been married for just over a year now. My wife and I have a beautiful and charismatic 9 year old daughter (yeah it took me a while to get...
  6. Haritha

    Community Introduce Myself

    Hi, Freedomers! I am Haritha Nunna from Narasaraopet in Guntur (Dt) in Andhra Pradesh in India. First of all, thank you for Freedom! to join me in your family. Since my childhood, reading Books and writing an Articles is my passion. As well as the School of the participants in the Debate...