1. J

    XBox Xbox One Gamers

    Anyone with a xbox one who would like to record videos such as Overwatch, Paladins, BO3, Fortnite, etc

    PC Anyone up for some Collabs?

    I put this up a while back and was wondering if anyone wants to play some games on the pc. I have Gmod, 7 days to die, Paladins, Stick Fight the Game, COD WaW, CS GO, Golf it, and Golf with Your Friends if you're up for some laughing and raging!! :D hit me up!
  3. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 ep 70 paladins

    thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me send bitcoin to...

    Gaming I Play With Nold and We Did an Epic Job!

    This is just some gameplay from some Paladins with Nold! Hope ya enjoy! :D

    Paladins VS Overwatch

    I'm a big fan of both, but only one of them gets played the most and that would be Paladins. With Paladins being free and not laggy at all comparted to Overwatch being expensive and laggy. Hear me out on this when I say Paladins is obviously better. Yes it does have a few drawbacks since it...
  6. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 #paladins gameplay

    thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me send bitcoin to...
  7. Won

    Gaming Looking for a frequent Youtube Collaborator!

    Hey guys! Wassup! I'm looking for people on PC to colab with me in Brawlhalla, The Forest (Which I can get you a free copy of), Awesomenauts, GTA V Online, Rocket Leauge, Paladins or anything else we can think of. You must have a decent sounding mic, as I have high standards for my video...
  8. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 paladins ep3

    thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me send bitcoin to...
  9. Nc Gamer

    Request Falcon Punch Montage... with a Dragon?

    So I have been playing Paladins lately and put together a bunch of clips of me using Drogoz's Ultimate which I turned into a "Falcon Punch" montage. I would like to know if it is entertaining and if it seems like something worth doing more of and does the music and sound effects sound good. The...
  10. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 # paladins #gameplay

    thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me Add me as a contact...
  11. H

    Gaming HEY!! Read me

    Hi, im new to this and i wanted to share why i started on youtube!! I wanted to be big and wanted to help out my parents, im pretty sure someone out here will understand how i feel, im pretty sure you started because of this. i mainly play overwatch on my chanel and it would really mean so...
  12. multigamefreakz

    which consoles are people playing and what games?

    are you playing xbox one? - ps4? or pc? and if its pc whats your gaming setup like - specs etc also what games are you playing at the moment I'm currently enjoying paladins on both pc which is alienware alpha and xbox one love to hear what people are playing :)
  13. Showcase One

    Closed Paladins Xbox Closed Beta Key

    Hey freedom! The free to play game Paladins is soon coming to Consle. I currently have multiple keys Avaliable to give away for Xbox! It's still in the testing stage of development so there will be some bugs. Please note that at this stage an Xbox live gold subscription is required to play the...
  14. gilbertroyalva

    Gaming I Viktor Main - Gilbert Plays Paladins feat: Syra

    Finally uploaded this big video please support my channel by leaving a like. I Viktor Main - Gilbert Plays Paladins feat: Syra
  15. Nuke

    Gaming I Returned To YouTube + Paladins Gameplay

    Hey guys, I haven't uploaded in SO long due to life so here's a short commentary with amazing Paladins gameplay as Viktor! :cool:
  16. Tom Cryer

    What do you guys think of Paladins

    I've played Paladins for about 30 hours now and I'm really enjoying myself on there. I'm thinking of doing a Paladins video on my channel and would love some of your thoughts on the game. Its free on steam now, and I really suggest getting it and giving it a go. It's very similar in style and...
  17. Jamie Oldman

    Gaming Hello Freedom Family

    OLA / Hello / good targ and all the fancy ways to say hello My name is Jamie aka GGJay , i'm a Caster/analyser for the Hi Rez Studios Game Paladins Realm of Champions Not quite a fully fledged member of the freedom family just yet some sort of issue with invites etc But none the less i...
  18. TheFinalGamer1

    Gaming ES-Paladins #2: Sha Lin el gran guerrero

    Hola, he creado un video de Paladins mostrando al personaje Sha Lin, un personaje que añadieron recientemente al juego, aqui te dejo el gameplay: Te agradeceria con todo mi ser si te suscribieras y lo pudieras compartir Gracias, que tengas un buen día
  19. SlipkBodom95

    Colaboración en PC Colaboracion con diversion (PALADINS)

    Hola alguno que juegue habitualmente a paladins como compañero de rankeds y risas y grabar junto y crecer juntos ^^
  20. KushalGamer

    Subscriber Milestone About to reach 15 subs!!

    Long journey for 15 subs.It's not that much but I had to work hard for this much subs also there are many famous channel and I want to thank my subs for subscribing to my channel!!!!