1. zubatscave

    Entertainment A wild Zubat Appeared - In video!

    Hi community, hope everyone is fine! I am a Pokémon lover, after all. During a tough period in my life, where my dad passed away, i've found on Pokémon World a gate to share and express all the love and good feelings that Pokémon Franchise always caused to me. So, I've created a YouTube...
  2. Carl D

    Gaming Finally got to play pokemon sword

    So I finally got the chance to play pokemon sword crown tundra, and the events is interesting and cool I do like the graphics if y'all like the video you can share the video if y'all like
  3. Carl D

    Film/Animation Would like to get some feed back on another stop motion,

    So I just finished uploading my old video that I had to take down cause of the whole coppa thing I thought I was in trouble for it. I have been trying to get better with my thumbnails as much as I can unfortunately I was in a rush and I should've put more time into the thumbnail. the stop motion...
  4. Carl D

    Film/Animation Just wanting to get some feedback

    Hey y'all so I recently uploaded my short film, and I wanted to ask the community if I could get some feedback on my stop motion animation. I've been trying to improve my editing and thumbnail skills as much as possible but if y'all have any suggestions I'd would greatly appreciate it. thank you.
  5. Carl D

    Thoughts on the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pack

    So I recently purchased the expansion pack for sword and I do like the layout, however now its just catching more pokemon to fill up the pokedex entry. however I am just waiting for more updates if their is any for the legendary pokemon. But what are your thoughts on the Pokemon DLC expansion pack?
  6. D

    Gaming Colaboración Pokémon

    Hola, busco a alguien para hacer una colaboración de pokémon.. Quiero hacer un dualocked contra alguien y que los dos canales salgan beneficiados. La partida seria en una región que acordaremos una vez concretado la colaboración, después entre los dos pondremos unas normas que nos parezcan...
  7. RasterHeals

    Gaming Help me choose my starter!!

    Hello everyone, so as someone that makes Pokemon related content...I heavily depend on my audience(as small as it is) to help me choose a starter, just because it helps get everyone involved that what's to be. I feel like it makes people wanna stay and watch. With that being said I just dropped...
  8. EcCeNTriC Cuddless???

    Favorite Pokemon?

    What is your favorite Pokemon and why?
  9. bluebudgie productions

    Entertainment i`m sorry but i have to promote my channels!

    hi I'm Cali, I`m a youtuber that's in a bit of hot water at the moment as I lost my YouTube money, and its been quite difficult to achieve my goals on my channels, so now I want to promote them, so please help me reach my goal of 40k views on all my channels videos, bluebudgie productions...
  10. bluebudgie productions

    Entertainment welcome to 99dinosaurking and bluebudgie productions!

    hello, everyone I started YouTube in 2012 and lately I haven't seen much growth, so I have been very disappointed inmy channels growth rate so this is why I'm posting on here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUMj79IXgMbDqdryIA2aHeA currant sub count 116...
  11. GaRrFuNkL3 Gaming

    Does Anyone Else Here Collect Pokemon Cards?

    Obviously I do just checking how many others do as that's mainly what I cover on my channel only recently started collecting again earlier this month. Let me know your favourite collection and your best recent pulls.
  12. GaRrFuNkL3 Gaming

    Gaming New Youtuber - 15 Subs. Card Collection & Gaming, Help My Channel Grow.

    Hey, Just started my new youtube channel, used to do a bit of streaming here and there and then had a son. This all then got put on hold, ive now just getting into it again and have started doing unboxings and will eventually get into gaming videos again. Any help on my channel will be much...
  13. C

    Gaming Pokemon card and crane machine

    There will be a lot of Pokemon card and ptcgo unboxing in my channel I like to play crane machine as well
  14. K

    Entertainment My Introduction

    Hi Freedom Community! I AM HERE (for My Hero fans!) I am KingSiryWavy. I'm from Los Angeles, CA and I found Freedom by searching YouTube for ways to grow my channel. I joined this forum/community to connect with my fellow Youtube starters and create so we can help each other grow. My channel is...
  15. Super Mario Studio

    Entertainment Welcome to SuperMarioStudio

    Welcome to SMS! The plush channel with all your favorite video game characters like Mario, Sonic, Pikachu, Luigi, and more. The adventure awaits on SuperMarioStudio
  16. Deathlake

    Unboxings & Reviews Anime convention and mini haul

    mainly a walk through looking at the stalls at the anime convention! Miniature merch haul unboxing or unbaginging of the goodie bag. Managed to win a free pokemon plush and pocky! to pair up with my newly purchased orange squirrel fur baby^.^ planning to upload a few more parts from the...
  17. LPSprouts

    How To How To Play Pokemon Quest on PC

    now the newest Pokemon game has recently came to mobile being ported over from the switch but.....now we can easily play in on the PC so if you're interested in that come over and watch this! :D its super easy and simple to do
  18. avrona

    Gaming Opening a Pokemon TCG Lucario Knockout Collection

    Hey everyone, In this video, I open up my very first Pokemon Knockout collection, a product I didn't know existed until today! I've been doing YouTube for over 4 years now, yet I only have 224 subscribers and 11k views, so if you like this video and my content, any further support would go a...
  19. avrona

    Gaming What we Can Expect From Pokemon for Nintendo Switch

    Hey everyone, In this video, I go over some things we can expect from the mysterious Pokmeon for Switch, including release date, DLC, etc. I've been doing YouTube for over 4 years now, yet I only have 223 subscribers and 11k views, so if you like this video and my content, any further support...
  20. avrona

    Unboxings & Reviews Opening a Dawn Wing Necrozma Ultra Prism Elite Trainer Box!

    Hey everyone, In this video I open up an Elite Trainer Box from the just released set, Ultra Prism! I've been doing YouTube for over 4 years now, yet I only have 219 subscribers and 9k views, so if you like this video and my content, any further support would go a long way to helping my...