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  1. Cornish Games Night

    Games What is your favourite Survival game?

    So how's it going all I was thinking of all the survival games that have been out. Tell me what is your favorite Survival game like day z style? Let's GO!
  2. Cornish Games Night

    PC A really cool mmo survival fps game you guys maybe interested to check?

    So I just jumped back on a game called will to live online if you guys have not heard of this game here's the trailer it's a Dayz Meets stalker MMO and the map size is massive. So some of the features they have in the game. Lots of quests for you and your friends, If you don't like PVP and...
  3. Snake.

    Gaming Snake | New gaming channel

    Hi guys, I'm new in the freedom forum and I would like to become a partner one day. I start to introduce myself to the community; I am an Italian boy who loves videogaming game on the pc platform, in my channel as well as making commentary I concentrate on making cinematic or promotional...
  4. PlatinumPurge

    Request Review on How I edited this Video!

    Hello, so over the last few weeks I have been lazy on how I was editing. Watching the Channel Reviews today. I decided to revamp my channel including my video editing skills. So I want to know if you guys liked the way of how I edited this video. I took different editing styles from different...
  5. GeeksGoGaming

    VLOG Going live at 3:00 GMT

    Just what it says on the tin Stream: There is a bear outside!!! || The Long Dark Nomad Challenge - YouTube Gaming
  6. Monkeyboygamer

    Gaming New Collaboration on Infestation The New Z

    New collaboration with RamziesPlays hope you all like it and enjoy it we had a lot of fun recording this for you lovely gamers out there!In this part we finally meet after some time -during which I take my revenge on some zombies- and we have a lot of fun deciding what to do next.I look forward...
  7. MrVallochar

    Entertainment DayZ Roleplay - Andrei Novikov's Story (Trailer) Hey

    Hey guys, I've been playing a lot of Roleplay within DayZ Standalone Recently and would like to say thank you to The Asylum community for helping me bring my character to life. I will be putting a lot of effort into a full immersion RP series coming soon to my channel, I have recorded around...
  8. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming I escaped... but now contend with traps... FML

    Somethings happened and Pavlov and myself get into a bit of trouble. But no worries as we escape and now have to deal with a TON OF F***ing traps that's main purpose in life is to blow me up.... WTF!
  9. S


    If you like fallout 4 anyone i suggest you should watch my lets play series on it i just started it each video is about an hour long and live commentary. And daily videos on it CHANNEL *Survival of the Fittest* with vault boy pic :)
  10. The Erratic Gamer

    Gaming No Room In Hell:Avalanche

    Hey!! The Erratic Gamer here with No Room In Hell. Had a lot of fun I played it with another youtuber who goes by Dynamo. It is a free game on steam. It involves zombies and guns and survival with objectives. Please check it out hope everyone likes it :D
  11. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays This War Of Mine Ep16 - Pavle Gets Real (Final)

    This marks the ending of the group, but it doesn't mean it'll be the last time. I've learned some new tricks. When we revisit This War Of Mine, we'll set a bigger milestone.
  12. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays This War of Mine Ep14 - Run Katia

    I can't begin to express the sadness this video gave me... I won't go into details but; I'm not impressed.
  13. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays This War of Mine Ep13 - Pavle Attack!

    Survival gets series as we turn to violence for substance. Attack Pavle Attack! Let me know your thoughts. Free healing for all that do!
  14. Spoony

    Gaming The Long Dark: Road to Desolation Point Season 2

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is SpoonyMass, Player of Games, speaker of the donut, mumbler of microphones. I'm kicking off my return to YouTube after a 2 month hiatus (had to be done) with one of my more popular series, The Long Dark Road to Desolation Point. The goal of the series...
  15. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays This War Of Mine Ep.11 & 12

    Here are the last two episodes of This War Of Mine uploaded yesterday!
  16. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming The Flame In The Flood Ep. 4 - Worst Rafter (Final)

    We strive to be the best rafter, but in all honesty have failed to do so... Check out the final video in the series and let me know if you want to see more.