1. G

    Started to develop my own game

    I've started to develop my own game for mobile, I've been learning how to code and how to use Blender for a while now and development has finally started, just thought I would share it, I'm just trying to get a few more followers on Twitter at the moment so feel free to check it out...
  2. K

    GFX Hello, this is me - Krizma

    Hello, My name is Krizma and I am a graphic designer, editor and a youtuber. In my youtube channel you can find a lot of videos, SpeedArts, Giveaways, Tutorials and more. Areas Of Expertise: - Logo Design - Banner Design - Header Design - Mascot Design - Thumbnail Design - and more and more I...
  3. 1

    Service Free Editor

    I am currently looking for some editing work. I will do basically anything and I am willing to do it for free.
  4. Daegnard

    Oficial Sorteos MGN - Cómo funciona este subforo

    ¡Hola! En nuestro brand gaming MGN en Español queremos daros la oportunidad de ganar premios siempre que sea posible y esté a nuestro alcance. Por ello creamos con asiduidad tantos sorteos y concursos como podemos. Dado que la organización de cada sorteo en particular depende de muchos...
  5. BeterBekend

    [BeteerBekend] Ik zoek een kanaal die voornamelijk challenges of interviews upload!

    Yoo! Mijn naam is Seif en ben op zoek naar een kanaal klein of groot om samen te werken. Graag kanaal die goed bezig is met redelijk tot goed kwaliteit.. En ook die open staat voor gekke challenges of rare awkward interviews. voor samenwerken of wat dan ook stuur mail: [email protected]...
  6. Gaming Community Zeeland

    YouTube The best way to grow on youtube?

    I wonder how most youtubers have so many viewers & subscribers on their channel. And some have to do a lot of effort, how can they do that? I use tags, and share it on social media Twitter, Facebook, Google Blogger, our own website. I think it's not my videos, but what's the matter with? Are...
  7. ModernGFX

    5 FREE Graphics Templates

    Here are some free graphic packs for YouTube and Twitter, DM me on twitter @ModernGFX if you want any personal graphics created <3 btw comment which one is your favorite :D Thanks Downloads - Trippy jungle: City Dwellers...
  8. Sharkie

    Gaming Hey Freedom People! Introduction! Currently almost 2000 subs and hoping for awesome subscribers!

    My Channel: Im a gamer, I've started to take YouTube a bit more serious now and its starting to pay off getting so many subscribers and views! Im currently close to 2000 subscribers. Learn more about me below! Im DIFFERENT to other YouTubers because I like...
  9. SeeZisLab

    YouTube Does channel’ binding to a widely promoted account in Twitter influence its ranking in search result

    SeeZisLab Team carry out experiments that help understand certain peculiarities of YouTube channel promotion. Today, the name of our experiment is as follows: “Does channel’ binding to a widely promoted account in Twitter influence its ranking in search results on YouTube?” In order to...
  10. Jonathan

    GFX Misc Social Icons (Round) 11/06/2017 (Update 2)

    This pack contains 16 icons with 5 different sizes for you to use however you see fit. These are great for banners & end cards as well as twitch panels. There are currently icons for; Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, Instagram, Steam, Discord, Freedom!, Deviant Art, Patreon...
  11. D


    Join All Game Bully and meet new people! Collab and record together. Help one another grow! Support your fellow Bullies and lets grow as a unit! Add your twitter below! All console welcomed! I'm a PC & Xbox Gamer! Mines @DALLAIRE1998
  12. TerraFrost

    Service TerraFrost GFX

    Hey everyone! I've been doing GFX for quite some time now, but I've been looking into re-branding myself much more professionally this time :P I want to get a new portfolio going with a lot more clean and skilled graphics that really represent what I'm capable of. If you're interested just give...
  13. MDavisTV

    PlayStation Anyone need a collaboration?

    I am down for any sort of collaboration either a podcast or for gaming videos. My twitter is @MDavissTV where you can contact me or on here!
  14. Snake Gaming MX

    GFX Banners Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Twitter Banner 1.0

    Hi everyone, I have this free twitter header template, with the COD:IW Thematic, as a Freedom! member, you get to use it for free! All of the design was made by me, so, enjoy the template!, and if you like, please just comment down below, and I will post more as I can, also if you want you can...
  15. MTMOfficialLive

    Entertainment MTMOfficialLive Introduction!

    Hey all hope you're having a good day! I recently started up a new channel in hope to be even the slightest bit successful and I am in need of some serious help! So if you could all like, subscribe and share my channel it would be greatly appreciated!
  16. ThePugShow

    Twitter Header and Future Montages

    What's up guys? I'm Kyle The Pug and I am looking for an editor for two montages and also a gfx designer since my current gfx desginer is AWOL at the moment. The two montages are a purifier montage and the best of Kyle The Pug BO3 Montage. Not really trying spend any money for a editor since...
  17. FPSVlogs

    Community My YouTube Story

    Hello Freedom! Twitter | @FPSVlogs YouTube |
  18. T

    Gaming The Ghost

    Hey everyone, I'm The Ghost and my channel is a YouTube gaming channel dedicated to covering all games, with a strong focus on Destiny, Overwatch, and BF4. I have Gameplay, let's plays, tutorial, live streams and guides. I am willing to grow with anyone, meaning i will do shout outs for shout...
  19. T

    Watch Time Milestone Thank you!

    Hello we own a channel that is a competitive esports team and never imagined we would grow this fast with the amount of interest we've been getting in our videos. We wanted to show the freedom family what we have accomplished. We got over 100 views on a video that has been only up for an hour...
  20. Social1k

    Service Serenity Studios - Affordable Designs

    Hello, My name is ItzFluffy / Serenity Studios. I have been a Featured Designer twice. I am an aspiring Graphic Designer from Canada. I have been a designer in many teams such as Sith Sniping, Area 51 Sniping, EnderArts, Xelab Designs and am currently a designer for Saphire Sniping and the Lead...