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  1. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment GTA V Black Phantom (Machinima) VLOG 6 - NEW Voice Actors, Q&A Session ONE + MORE! GTA V Machinima

    The sixth official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom. In today's update video, we announce the two new voice actors who will be joining Black Phantom; Keoki Trask as Valkyrie and Jillian Pope as Character X. In addition, it's the start of the regular Q&A sessions as we answer the...
  2. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment GTA Black Phantom (GTA V Machinima) - NEW update video, NEW pictures + MORE!

    Finally, we're back! In today's video, JJ and Sam discuss the reasoning as to why we have been inactive for a while, as well as giving you an update on the current status of 'Black Phantom', and what's to be expected in the future. "Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to...
  3. DraycosDragon

    Gaming New Schedule Announced For Gaming Channel

    There's alot of changes that are going to be happening on my channel as well as a new series both starting February 8, 2017 (which has all been announced on my recent "update" video on my channel). I have announced an entirely new schedule, an entirely new series, and even plans on having...
  4. That Awkward Giraffe

    VLOG Update

    Decided to do an update on the schedule I've been manging to keep all month. This took like 5-8 times to record, and then I had to find the best clips to use from all those takes. Thanks for Watching.
  5. MWproductions1000

    VLOG Channel Update! [August 2016]

    Just a quick little video explaining why i haven't uploaded to my main channel in a long time
  6. Vic Leonard Ventosa

    VLOG Channel Update June 2016 (Back To School) | Website Launched!

    Hello Geeks! Today I bring you this channel update video of what is going to be happening this month. Sad to say but my summer is over and about to go back to school. Hoping that I can still upload at least two videos a week. If you did enjoy, Don't forget to leave a like, Share this to your...