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Mar 13, 2020
Hey there,

My name is Maskulot, but many people call me by Mask. The meaning of it is that I'm an impressionist, so, a man of many voices, and it doesn't matter what I look like. I'm a gamer and comedian, I love improv, and I want to make content that makes people laugh and brings them together through the experience.

Scroll down for a couple of really short videos I think you'll like

TLDR; I'm young, full of energy, ready to put out content that I'm proud of and use my personality and craft to create an experience that people come back for again and again. Any help you can give, I'd appreciate it. Check out my channel for many laughs!

I'm 20 years old, in college pursuing a degree in Film, and my greatest passion lies in creating time-based content like video and audio.

My past with Freedom is a long one - I partnered my first channel with the MCN when I was about 13 or 14... THAT'S A LONG TIME! I've gone through a lot of changes since then, personally and through the content that I've made, but my focus has relatively been the same, which is to make things that make people laugh (I've had about 4 or 5 channels since then that I've launched, but this one just feels so right for what I want to do with it).

Currently, this channel houses two kinds of videos: VRChat funny moments and Kazoo covers (and all of them are of music from the JoJo anime, so if that entices you, click right on over) but I want to expand into the content I make, like making a "words of the week" series from Urban Dictionary and writing small stories/skits or audio bits like The Minute Hour and animating them like CircleToons. I also want to make original music and make reviews of media like movies and games. All of this with tailored to fit comfortably under my brand and the power of my soundboard.

Anything I make, I have a certain level of craft that I commit to it, as I'm very particular with what I put out and what I want people to see - I want them to get a great experience. It's comedic, so delivery is a huge part.

My dream is to be able to make the highest quality of the content I want to make with the support of any fans that I will have and to eventually be self-sufficient so that I can give the content as much focus as I possibly can while living a happy, healthy life with friends and family. So, I might as well start now and get the ball rolling with whatever I can give, right!

Anyway, thanks for giving me your time. Go ahead and check out my channel, watch a video or two, and if you consider yourself a memer, I'm confident that it'll be the quickest subscribe you've ever given.

Oh, and I hope you have a great day!

JoJo: Battle Tendency Kazoo Cover

JoJo: Vento Aureo Kazoo Cover

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