Official Before you post here READ THIS!!

Nov 15, 2020
This sticky announcement is courtesy of Anthony Smith

Hi There,

Before you post a NEW thread in the creations section there are some things you'll need to know:

  • To post here it costs a few credits. this shouldn't be a huge deal. the cost is equivalent to receiving a few post likes, or participating in the forums in a few ways. Essentially this is our way of making sure that people don't come here just to dump links. People submitting content here should be participating in the community as a whole and this is our way of making sure of that.
  • To post here you must be a FULL member of the forums. This means you'll have to gain a certain number of posts and other interactions. This ensures that only those who actually interact with the community will be rewarded by being able to share their creations here. The idea is to keep out people who just want to spam their videos then leave.
So there are the two big ones. What follows is a best practices guide that will help you get the most bang for your time here as well as actually get your content seen by human type people!!

  • Don't post your videos here as a way to "dump" them. For Petes sake you know better than that! This is a community, a place to start and maintain discussions, not a place for you to try to get cheap and easy views... ya noobcake!!
  • One of the reasons posting videos to forums work is by relating videos to current events, topics, etc. as much as I'd love to watch part 227 of your ongoing Minecraft let'splay realistically that title sucks for making me want to watch your content or interact with you as a fellow creator. When marketing videos to other creators try keeping your target audience in mind with your post title. something like "I can't get thoumcraft to do any darn thing!!" will generate much more interest and start more conversations. This also puts you into a good position to possibly meet other collaborators.
  • Another reason posting videos to forums works is because of SEO. Now I won't get too deep into this because it seems like I go off on rants about this topic like every week publicly... so to keep it short and sweet i'll list some things you can do to help yourself:
    • Describe your flippin' video in the post. How on this green earth am I supposed to find your video 2 years from now if you just dump a link here on the board with no (or not enough) text for google, yahoo, or Bing (haha, who uses Bing?) to find?! My suggestion is 3-5 sentences as it relates again to creators... remember in this section we're all familiar with the woes of being a creator so don't be scared to drop something like this on us:
      • OMG mid recording my mom/wife walks in asking if I had dirty laundry to give her... I didn't realize i left it in until it was posted!! But hey, now people keep asking if my mom/wife will do their laundry so I have a running joke!!"
      • I recorded this same bit 4 times, seriously I hate Elgato right now because of their buggy ass software, The finished product turned out alright but I think you can hear the audio change due to fans/air conditioning that weren't on during the first run through
      • I asked my fans to send in fan art and i'd show it off in 2 weeks, i've only gotten 2 pieces in and I record the show off video in 3 days. Is there anyone out there who can save my bacon since I put my foot in my mouth by attaching a date to the first video? I really only need one or 2 more pieces to show off and it doesn't even have to be polished. I'll be linking contributors in the description and shouting them out. HELP!!
    • TAGS!! If you see this box USE IT!! Tags are a powerful and misunderstood beast. these are words... or more importantly phrases that help search engines make your content (here and on YouTube) more easily discovered by people. Imagine this. let's take the example from above talking about elgato. if someone googles "elgato crashes when i stop recording" and your video is attached to a thread where people are discussing fixes and work arounds that gives you possible views, lots of name recognition, and possibly more cool people to interact with. and you get all that and more by filling out the tags and a couple sentences about your video/struggles, etc.
Now, if it's not apparent by now i'm not your regular mod/admin/staff I'm someone who's been making a living for years off of YouTube and social media, you can take my advice on the best practices section or you can assume that my 10 years of doing this has all been a waste and I obviously know nothing about how to get your content seen by people in communities, and in search. That's your call but I would like to ask the general community for a favor. Don't be scared to link this post to people who are obviously just dumping their links. Feel free to let them know that they should RTFM (playfully of course) because if we all make this change together it means that this whole section will be much more heavily visited which is good for all of us!!

EDIT: By posting here in the Promotion section, you are automatically granting Freedom! the right to publish them on our social media (we'll give credits, of course!)
this was very informative, thank you!!