Request CSGO Montage,


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Sep 9, 2017
Can i have some feedback on things i could have done better?
Thanks response //Affe5


Flex Bormarr

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Apr 13, 2015
Could be a little long but I am sure you're working on that. I also think you could get rid of your voices and just have game audio and music.

Nc Gamer

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A few things. First, I acknowledge that getting clips like that takes a great deal of time in CS: GO so I get the shortness of the video but you could at least do something at the end: endscreen featuring what song you were using or a link to another vid, a bonus clip perhaps if you do wanna add in some kind of funny commentary amongst you and your teammates or another epic kill that isn't like the others in the montage. And last, I can tell this is supposed to be like a "One-tap" montage so maybe mention that in your title. Something like "CS: GO Montage #17 (One-Tap Attack)"... maybe not something that dumb but you get the idea. Aside from that nice shootin'.