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Freedom! Member
Community Team Program

Program Description​

Freedom! Family is looking for members for its Community Team as being a part of the community you will be a leading example for the rest of the community by being an active member on our community forums and discord servers. You will be helping the Community Managers with creating ideas/planning/brainstorming for Events and Tournaments for the community to enjoy! Please note this is VOLUNTARY!

Program Requirements​

  • Active Member of our community (or willing)
    • Provide notice of inactivity if you are going to be on an LOA.
  • Registered Account on our Community Forums (or willing)
  • Have Joined our Freedom! and MGN Discord Servers (or willing)

Program Duties​

  • Leaving reviews on members' videos that they have posted on our forums.
  • Visiting our members’ stream when they are live on our forums and participating and organizing raids on streamers.
  • Starting and replying to threads on the community forums. (being active)
  • Attend weekly meetings on discord. (saturdays)
  • Planning/Brainstorm ideas for Gaming Events, Tournaments and other community events.
  • Taking suggestions/feedback from members to help improve the forums and servers.
  • Attracting new members to our community forums and discord servers.
  • Promote Freedom! Community through social media.

Program Termination (Inactivity)​

Due to the nature of Freedom! Community Team Program due to inactivity being a problem while being a part of the program (without notice) will result in termination from the program along with any access that comes with it and you are also free to leave the program at any time just keeps us informed!
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Aug 22, 2023
I have building up the momments video site. I have 85 moments so far. I fill I have chosen good verity so far! I could help here. But maybe you need me more on moments video's or if you have any-feed back that would help thanks.