Tips & Tricks Freedom! Partnership - Am I a Freedom! Partner?


The Crazy Boi
Freedom! Member
Feb 10, 2016
Some of you might be wondering if you are a Freedom! Partner and this post will help you make sure you are partnered with Freedom! both on your YouTube channel, but here on the forums as well!

If you click your YouTube icon in the top right of the YouTube page, you will get a dropdown menu with Creator Studio and a Settings button. If you click the Creator Studio and then Channel on the left hand bar, you will be redirected to a features page that looks like this:

Under Partner Verified, it should state that you are connected with Freedom! If it doesn't, it is either you haven't applied to Freedom!, or your channel has not been sent the invitation yet.

You can partner with us at:

If you are a Freedom! Partner, by following the steps above, you can request the Freedom! badge on these forums, by going to
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