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The Crazy Boi
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Feb 10, 2016
I'm no stranger to the world of YouTube and the Freedom! family and that is why I want to try and give everyone an in-depth review praising and criticising every single element of your channel. Some may be harsh, but it may be what you need to push yourself to be the best content creator that you can be.

All you have to do is reply below with your channel and give me a quick summary (100 words max) on what you think you do best.

Here's how the review works:
I will be assessing your channel on the following criteria;

Consistency - Content creators need a balance between uploading regularly and managing potential burnout. Uploading once every two days for months is better than uploading every day for a few weeks and running out of content. Viewers don't want to be guessing when you next upload, keep it consistent and keep to a schedule.

Presentability - You're in the spotlight, you want to be easy to remember but for all the good reasons. You want your channel name to be short and sweet, we don't want to make our furniture levitate when we say your name. We also want you to seem professional, speak with confidence, make sure your footage is good quality and if you are on camera, make sure you're dressed well.

Promotability - YouTube isn't just about keeping your viewers, it's about finding new ones as well. You want your channel and your videos to look good at face value so that it entices more people from social media or via the recommendation algorithm. Believe it or not, a lot of videos are watched during lunch breaks or on the toilet, we don't have time for hour long videos.

Respondency - Viewers want good content to watch, but they also want to feel like they are part of a community. The best way to do this is to respond to their comments and show that they mean something, that way they may stay for longer.

All these criteria will be measured on a 10 point scale with a detailed analysis underneath on how you scored that number and where you could improve, like so:

██████████ 4/10

██████████ 6/10

██████████ 8/10

██████████ 10/10

I hope I can help as many of you as possible in creating a great channel and starting your journey as a content creator. As they say, let's get this bread.
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