Have you watched the games on E3 yet

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Dec 27, 2016
I did. I mostly thought this E3 was a bit disappointing save for Nintendo's at the end.

I have no investment in Microsoft, aside from owning a WIndows PC. I also don't own an Xbox. Stuff like Halo, the buttload of indie games they showed and Cyberpunk is cool. At least for the people that like that stuff. Not me. Still cool.

Bethesda is kind of a mess. The intro they had was rather weird and they don't really get to joke about their misdeeds and poor service. Bethesda, you are the joke.

Sony was kind of a disaster, somewhat. The Avengers game looks really ugly. I am excited for the FF7 remake and that FF8 is getting a remaster (don't hate me, it's my favorite FF next to 10) but all I can remember from the presentation is a bunch of bland RPGs and a remaster or two, like Crystal Chronicles, which I am boatloads excited for.

Ubisoft was...even weirder. Largely a dissapointment. At least the new Watchdogs game was interesting.
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