Gaming He Just Won't GIVE UP! | Let's Play Cuphead Playthrough (Part 6)


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Jun 30, 2015
Continuing the fun and energy that is Cuphead, the boss rush doesn't stop. Now we gotta fight against a turkey most fowl and collect more souls. You'd be surprised how relentless this bird is!

I almost gave in too...

Game: CUPHEAD in "Don't Deal with the Devil"
Genre: Bullet Storm, Action, Adventure, 2d platform
Rating: Everyone

About the game: Made in the style of the 1930s rubberhose animation genre, the 2D Platform game, "Cuphead", has been critically acclaimed as one of the hardest games this year. Controlling a character named Cuphead (and Mugman if playing Co-op), the player runs from one side to the other, shooting, parrying, and dodging slews of enemies, gathering contracted souls of the bosses for The Devil, while we try our best to keep ours from getting into his hands.