Service Request I need 3 to 8 voice actors for my Halo Machinima (Unpaid work sorry :( )

Camerons Casual Cinematic Productions

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Jan 3, 2015
Hi, I'm trying to make a short Halo Machinima called "The Disaster Cycle", it's about an aspiring filmmaker trying to convince his friends to help him make a movie about the making of Disaster Artist, which is a movie about the making of the Room.

I really don't have all that much money to people for these not for profit projects, but if you help I will credit your channel in the description.

I have 8 roles I need filled:

Guy #1
Guy #2
Guy #3

Hollywood Agent Smith
Hollywood Special Agent Smith

Time Traveler

Nurse #1
Nurse #2

I could honestly care less about what you sound like or what accent you have as long as you speak english, have a decent mic, and can get me the audio clips I would like to have by this Friday, 3/16/2018. The Hollywood Agents could be played by the same person, I would prefer these characters have an American accent with an arrogant attitude. The Nurses should have fairly decent Tommy Wiseau impressions.

For information regarding the script, please DM me here.


I would like more info. I know this is from March but if you need someone, I am interested. DM me on Twitter @xgo_injection


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Mar 17, 2018
Hey man i do alot of voice acting work for my own Machinimas and also my friends, here's a video of mine if you wanna hear what i gotm currently finishing up my latest, let me know what you think :)