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Jul 23, 2016
Wassup guys! I am Bradley Whittaker (Bradley16) I have recently created my youtube channel so I'm new to it all and yes, as of now, my content isn't great.. at all.. but what makes me different to SO MANY YouTubers out there is that EVERY SINGLE DAY i am researching ways to improve! I watch EVERY video i create (even if it doesn't get uploaded, and many don't right now due to quality) and as I'm watching these videos, I'm constantly Looking for ways to improve them! I plan to go as far as i possibly can with YouTube and push through my own boundaries! Just like i do with Athletics, I now in the "Invicta East Kent Athletics Club" (One level below representing my Country). If any of you who are still reading this that also have goals like mine, then message me! Want to collab? Go for it! Want to offer help? Its ALWAYS appreciated! Want to check out my channel? Go Ahead! I'd love you for that! but if there's one thing which i do ask, even if u HATE my content and would never think of subbing, then at least offer me some constructive criticism so that i can improve to a better level than what i am now!

Sorry for the essay, Kind regards
- Bradley Whittaker


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Jun 14, 2015
Hey pal , Welcome to Freedom !

That is the spirit man , its all about improving one step at a time and you will get there and good luck with the athletics as well :)