Mythic User
Now that the 4k1k rules have been applied there have been a few changes around the forums.

New forums Badge!

We now have a new Partner Badge for channels that have made the 4k1k requirements and have remained in the Freedom! CMS. With this badge also comes new perks, for starters everyone with this badge will earn 2x credits for creating new threads, new posts and post likes! I will also be adding additional perks such as special promotion for videos live streams and more. We are still working on the colour scheme and additional perks so if you have suggestions let us know.

If you met the 4k1k threshold you can receive the Verified Freedom! Partner badge by Filling in this form: http://goo.gl/ICaJKw

Partners that didn't make the 4k1k requirements
What does this mean for partners that didn't make the 4k1k? You are going to be kicked out to the curb and ignored... ok we aren't that mean. Everyone previously with the partner badge will still keep it, however it has been renamed Freedom! Member yes that's right you are still a member of the Freedom! Family :) All of your permissions on the forums remain the same as when you had the partner badge.

To get the Freedom! Member badge all you have to do is sign up to the Freedom! dashboard then Fill in this form:http://goo.gl/ICaJKw (it's the same form as above we will give the correct badge depending if you are in the CMS or not). We will also be working on an automated system where you can just receive the badge thought the dashboard.

Content Promotion now costs 30₡ Why did we do this?
This is to benefit users that are active on the forum and to stop those that are here just to come by drop their content then leave. The active users are going to be the ones that see the promotion in the chat box, on the home page etc. We know that this still isn't a perfect fix to the promotion section as it's always going to be a bit spammy but hopefully we will see a slight change.

Additionally posts to the Media section also cost 30₡ as when you post to the media it also creates a thread in the promotion section. So if you are going to promote YouTube videos it is probably a good idea to submit it though the Media Tab. The newest submissions to media are now once again promoted on the home page of the forums :)