1. M

    How To New to Youtube! New chapter of my life! Check me out! :)

    Hi! I am Martin Allen Mejia or for short, "MAM". The content of this Channel is Gaming, Editing and cycling. I am not a professional, i am just a freelance and self taught editor and of course, a Gamer, a PC expert and a Fixed gear Cyclist! Enjoy the Content Ya'll Since i am new to youtube, And...
  2. mark street 2

    Service I can make Graphics for you!

    Howdy! My name is Mark and I am an experienced Graphic Designer. I have been using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for over 5 years now for mostly my Graphics needs on my YouTube channel. But I'm hoping that I can help out some channels and give them a face-lift if they need it! I'm not trying...
  3. Jones Laura

    VFX Retro Effect 2017-12-17

    Retro Presets Pack: How to use: Have fun guess peace :)
  4. Jones Laura

    VFX DeadPool - Camera Shake Preset 2017-12-07

    Hey guys, this DeadPool - Camera Shake presets is for Premiere Pro CC version and can me used in any kinda video, photos or text etc. If you don't know how to use this camera shake into your video means. Please Check my tutorial video here:> #ForFreedomFamily
  5. ClerraBellis

    Entertainment ⌲Traveling in ♫ The world of my creation ♫

    What's up every body? I'm Clerra Bellis and I'm a relatively new freedom partner, but I've been making videos since all the way back in 07. Wow, that was 10 years ago already! I've been posting in the forums for a few days, but I've been a little apprehensive about posting this since I can never...
  6. Mitch Wensveen

    Service Offering my Video Editing skills

    Well, hello there! I'm a skilled Graphical Designer / Editor from the Netherlands and I want to use my skills for the greater good. I am a mostly self-thought video editor. I work with Adobe Premiere and I know my way around most Adobe software (Including Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator...
  7. Brent Cone

    Film/Animation FEEDBACK!!

    Been working on visual effects lately and i'd love to hear your thoughts, Thanks!
  8. Betta


    Hello YouTubers, This is Chris from Betta Group! I'm delighted to offer all fellow YouTubers with video intros using Adobe AfterEffects CC from scratch for free. The intros are available a range of color themes and effects. Here's our features: 1. The favor in return are discussable The favor...
  9. BMcC Designs

    Service Cheap 3D INTROS!

    Do you need a high quality 3D Intro made for an affordable price? I am a graphic and motion designer who has years of experience working with after effects and cinema4d! I offer a huge variety of products! Make sure to check them out! Want something made? Skype...
  10. C

    Service Free basic video, photo edit

    I am willing to edit any of your guys videos for free, I am doing this so I can put it on my website as my work that I have done. If there are any questions feel free to ask.