1. PSNDeJKriz

    GFX Request Mascot/Avatar [Serious Artists Only]

    Hello, I have been in search for a long time for someone who can at least recreate and or add there own personal touch on for a mascot/avatar for my social media, What am I looking for? I have a few references and I am looking for someone who can create a avatar/mascot that is a person but also...
  2. SolemnColt

    Service Paid GFX (Cheap Prices)

    Able to do Logos,Banners,Thumbnails,and Outros. To see my work:Tyler m, SolemnColt in Fort Lauderdale, FL To order reply to this post and put twitter name Logo $1.50 Banner $2 Thumbnail $1.20 Outro $1.00
  3. Jonathan

    GFX Misc Photographer Channel Revamp 25/05/2017 (Avatar Fix)

    Font Used: http://www.dafont.com/photography.font Other C.R.I.B Resources Used in the revamp; Social Icons Pack: https://freedom.community.tm/crib/social-icons.373/ Rounded Thumbnail Corners: https://freedom.community.tm/crib/rounded-thumbnail-template.343/ You can edit the text in Photoshop...
  4. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc Gaming News Channel Banner 1.0

    Video games are awesome especially news about the latest happenings within the gaming world. These GFX will be able to provide you with at vibe that you mean business when it comes to these things. What better way to compliment a gaming news video than to download this material and make this...
  5. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc That One Channel Banner 1.0

    Hello there Freedom! family. Are you looking for GFX that suits your energetic vibe? Well, look no further this banner screams energy and spontaneity. The banner sends a message that you are on the go and you are ready to create content anytime, anywhere. You can completely customize your...
  6. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc Digital Game Guesser Banner 1.0

    Hi guys! Here's another awesome banner for you to use. It features a smooth and simple digital feel. It's perfect for channels that caters to video games playthroughs, Tech Vlogs, and lots more. You can customize the banner, avatar/Icons, endcards, and thumbnails to you liking. Give your...
  7. ghostkillgaming

    Service Request Avatar/logo and banner request!

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone would be able to make a banner and avatar/logo for my YouTube channel. Would be willing to pay for something good. Thanks!
  8. DirectorLegit

    Happy New Year Avatar Giveaway!

    This giveaway is now over, Thanks to everyone who participated! If you still want an avatar from me, contact me for a commission. Before I begin... Happy New Year!!! My Name is Christian, but I like to go by Director Legit, or just "Director" or "Legit", whichever you prefer. I've been doing...
  9. Johnny's Graphics

    Service I'm doing free graphics for anyone interested!

    I'm doing youtube graphics for anyone who might be interested. For now I'm not charging people but if I start to get more and more requests I may start charging for them. Here is a short portfolio of a few of the designs I have done for people already. Also here is the link to my youtube...
  10. Johnny's Graphics

    Service Free Graphics!

    I'm doing youtube graphics for anyone who might be interested. For now I'm not charging people but if I start to get more and more requests I may start charging for them. Here is a short portfolio of a few of the designs I have done for people already. If you are interested please PM me. Thank...
  11. Aussie Chan

    GFX Misc Complete Channel Rebranding Kit 1.0

    Hello, this is my first proper attempt to do decent at gfx, I would appreciate some comments on how I could improve or what you would like. This kit is still in development and comes with .pdn and .psd ( .psb ) both are the same, If you don't have photoshop and don't know how to change the file...
  12. PSNDeJKriz

    Service Request Banner/Avatar/Icon

    Hello, I am PSNDeJKriz, I run a channel called KrizFrost On Youtube, I have a follower base of just about 2,000 subscribers they are called the Frosty Army, They mean alot to me and I am looking for an artist able to create something that goes around the theme as snowman head (cartoon ish) Like...
  13. B

    Resources Anyone that can help me with Branding my channel?

    Hey, I'm a fairly new YouTuber who has just started on their journey! I have a decent understanding with photoshop but am lacking ideas to make me seem original as well as creating them (I'm not the best with photoshop at all XD ) I am going to be uploading Gaming, VLOGS, Challenges...

    Resources FREE Banner / Avatar Designs!

    Hey everyone, I´m currently doing FREE custom banner and templates. If you want to check out some of my work, heres my youtube channel TRVPDESIGN. I´ll probably make a speedart of every Banner/Avatar design. The only thing i may ask you, is a little shoutout, or even adding me to your "About"...
  15. D


    Hey guys, i make custom skins, logos, banners (banners can be animated) and minecraft animations. I have examples for all of them. All payments will be made through Paypal. If you are interested, please either PM or (preferably) message me on skype. My skype is: DanielleTheDev . I can even do...
  16. DAGI

    GFX Request Need GFX to Update youtube & Hitbox channel.

    Ok, I hit the 500subs, don't laugh :) ... and I want to update my Youtube and Hitbox channels. So I need the following. -New youtube banner, and background. (For online Gamer, channel name "DAGI MMO") -New youtube thumbnail template (What I can update, Title and Episode, Images) -New Youtube...
  17. Graphios Designs

    Service Skilled Intro, Avatar and Banner Maker

    Hi there, My name is GraphiosFX and im offering u guys Intro's and Channel art. I will link my email, youtube channel, skype and portfolio in this thread. If interested please email me or send me a msg on skype and we can talk about what you want. Email: [email protected] Skype...
  18. TrillyGuyCP

    GFX Request Banner & Avatar

    Hey guys, would anyone mind making me a banner and avatar for this channel Themes: Gaming/CS:GO/Rocket League Thank you! :) (I will write your name in my description (and your channel))
  19. proofox

    Tips & Tricks How to Make an Attractive YouTube Channel

    Hello All, I am a content creator from Lithuania. For a long time I have been helping to create and develop youtube channels. And with my help a lot of those channels became attractive and started to gain more views (by that I mean at first they had about 1-40 views after my help they had...
  20. Federico Buono

    Service YT Background and Avatar for 4$

    If you want a Background or Avatar leave an answer down below and I will contact you for details or contact me on skype: justfedy Check out my portfolio to see my custom backgrounds and avatars https://www.behance.net/JustFedez and also my youtube for my intro templates...