GFX Request Mascot/Avatar [Serious Artists Only]


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May 25, 2014
Hello, I have been in search for a long time for someone who can at least recreate and or add there own personal touch on for a mascot/avatar for my social media,

What am I looking for?
I have a few references and I am looking for someone who can create a avatar/mascot that is a person but also had a snowman for a head with personal touches on it for example my current mascot/avatar has a beenie and I wouldn't mind having it changed up a bit and a new touch completely if this is something You think you can create I would seriously be looking to pay for some art, if possible if you could provide me with previous works and your prices in my inbox or replied to this thread I'd appreciate it.

My Current Avatar

The art will be used for things like this

Art Style

Sorry But I am really bad and misinformed when it comes to art styles

Extra Information:
Honestly I'd like the artist to throw there own mix on it, for example, a hoodie or tshirt or whatever they want for the avatar, If they think adding a gaming headset to the snowman head is cool then sure I'd just like to see what they can do but at the same time I'd like it to stick to gaming and gaming related



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Nov 1, 2017

Im a graphic designer and id be more than happy to help you out.

You can look at my work at:

Besides that, my price for the logo will be 15 dollars. Since i do have to draw it put before i can fully start.

Interested? Mail me at: [email protected]

Or reply to this message. ;)