1. BlackPantha

    GFX Will edit your raw videos

    Send me a message if you want me to edit your raw videos
  2. 1

    Service Free Editor

    I am currently looking for some editing work. I will do basically anything and I am willing to do it for free.
  3. Klahn's Clinic

    YouTube How long does it take you to edit?

    I don't know how some people are able research, edit, and upload videos daily. For me it takes (on average) an hour to just edit a minute of video! Never mind all the research, script writing, recording, and picture finding prior to all that. I know it's different for other channel types, so, I...
  4. Klahn's Clinic

    Which video editor to pick?

    I currently use the free version of lightworks 14 to edit all of my videos, but I have been thinking about upgrading to a more "professional" editor. The ones that I've been looking at are magix video pro X10, Vegas 14 edit, and PowerDirector 17. I'm leaning towards Vegas and PowerDirector due...
  5. Not_Natsuki

    Service Free Edited Videos (10 min long) and Free Thumbnail!

    Hello, I am Alex! I used to be an editor for various Youtubers! Mostly gaming, however, I am willing to adapt to your needs! Here are some examples: I hope to work with you soon! I work mainly with: Sony Vegas Pro 13 (Main video editing software) Audacity (Used for editing...
  6. M

    How To New to Youtube! New chapter of my life! Check me out! :)

    Hi! I am Martin Allen Mejia or for short, "MAM". The content of this Channel is Gaming, Editing and cycling. I am not a professional, i am just a freelance and self taught editor and of course, a Gamer, a PC expert and a Fixed gear Cyclist! Enjoy the Content Ya'll Since i am new to youtube, And...
  7. I

    Service Decent Gaming Editor

    Hello. My name is Icy or Traxxy. I am a youtuber and gaming editor. I edit all types of videos. I’ve been editing for about 2 years now. I’m mainly looking for permanent clients. If you have more questions such as, prices, example of work, or if you are interested, then message me on discord...
  8. NinjaZombieGaming

    Service Tired of working jobs I hate.

    Alright. so I'm tired of working under corporations and not doing what I really enjoy for a living, I've worked half my adult life in sales and the other half in shipping warehouses. While I don't mind the job themselves, I actually hate working under the companies I've worked at. I never agree...
  9. ImBasiic

    Gaming Weekly Highlights #1 - MrHuffy

    Hey Freedom! My name is Jesse, known as Huffy on the interwebs. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and thank you for taking your time to read my post! I recently earned my Sub Button on Twitch and I'm beyond blessed and happy. The grind doesn't stop!! This video is my first ever weekly...
  10. DostThouEvenDerp

    Resources A Cool "Free To Use" Resource Site

    I was searching YouTube and found this awesome website called All Design Creative!! https://www.alldesigncreative.com/home/ They have a bunch of Royalty Free resources!! They have background videos, background screens, they have a lot of cool tutorials for multiple programs, free 3D models and...
  11. avrona

    YouTube How Much Does Editing Software Actually Affect The Quality of Videos?

    I recently got into a conversation with this guy on a YouTuber forum about editing software. He said that if I wanted to improve the overall quality of my videos I should look into some more professional software, which I already have installed somewhere on my PC just doing nothing, but I still...
  12. avrona

    Picking the Best Video Editing Software for You!

    In this thread I want to go over exactly how to get the right editing software for you. I want to do this after I noticed lot's of people fall into a trap of judging content by what editing software it was edited in. So first off, some background on what I use: When my channel first began 4...
  13. bailey campbell

    Service Pro Editor

    Hey everyone! If you are looking for an editor and need one i am here. I have been editing for about 3 years now and I really like doing it. I always take my time and make a normal video into something that looks amazing. i know how to do color correction, adding multiple camera angles into the...
  14. Won

    How Good is Your PC?

    What's up guys! This is particularly aimed at Gaming Youtubers, but any Youtuber on here...What are your PC specs? Are you able to do everything you'd like on it, Editing, Uploading, Photoshopping, etc?!
  15. EpikWill

    YouTube Views Milestone HIt 100K views

    Let me introduce myself; I am Will, owner of my YouTube channel EpikWill. YouTube is something that I have been passionate for a long time. Recently, I just hit over 100,000 views which simply made my day. One video I made got over 60,000 with Camtasia studio, and it really motivates me to keep...
  16. Thatkid MJ

    Music Does anyone know how to use audacity

    I made this song and want it to sound more professional for when I post it can anyone edit the song in audacity for me to make it sound better you'll get credit for editing it. Thank you
  17. S

    what is the best

    Hello Community, I need help, What is the best RECORDING SOFTWARE for games and desktop with no FPS lost ? and what is the best FREE EDITING PROGRAM ? Thanks Hans
  18. Christian Modahl

    VR Hey, I'll Edit Your Videos For Free!

    Why? I would say I'm a pretty experienced editor. I've been editing on and off for about 7 years, but now I'd like to practice some more and get better (I rarely have anything to edit, so I never get to get better), therefore I'm now offering to edit for you for free. What? If you have videos...
  19. RossIncYT

    Anyone Looking for an editor?

    Hello Freedom community, I'm a starting out YouTuber and I love to edit and make thumbnails etc. I was wondering if anyone is looking for an Editor for their channel. Now I can do a test edit for free, but I would like to do this as a paid gig. My Editing style works well with vlog videos but I...
  20. Shortaayy

    YouTube Tailoring music to videos?? Help

    Many thanks for coming to my rescue... I am trying to add music to the back of videos, and need advice. For example a 15 minute gaming video, do I have the same song replaying, a couple of songs alternating or a group of songs. Then do you have the songs back to back or do you have them spaced...