1. T

    Entertainment The Catch Up

    Hello Everyone! My name is Delwin and I am a sophomore in college here in Central Arkansas. I'm currently studying Marketing and Psychology. I have always been passionate about politics and education as well as helping others. This led me create my own Youtube channel modeled after The Daily...
  2. M

    Educational Hello Learners !!

    Hello Learners!! Im completely new to YouTube and Im in very beginning stage of my channel. Provide more educational and awareness videos for students. Please support and your suggestions are welcome!!
  3. tigerx x

    Educational Hello everyone

    I am a 3D Artist.This is my first youtube channel(Speed modeling pk) which is based on learning and fun I need your help to promote my YouTube videos and channel at large and also to get more views and 1k subscribers.Thanks
  4. Klahn's Clinic

    Educational Anorexia: More than just being thin

    Have you ever wanted to learn about anorexia?!?!?!!!?!! No? Didn't think so... BUT I made a video about it and I'd appreciate it if you checked it out(y) (Y) I feel like it's my best edited video so far, so, if you have any suggestions that would make it even better, then tell me so I can make...
  5. RSJP

    Entertainment Aspiring YouTuber; 18 and Haitian

    Hi everyone, I just started my youtube channel a month ago and now that I am graduating high school I wanted to start making memories through my youtube. Hope you guys comment and share some of your advice with me, I am all ears for constructive criticism and support my growth through this new...
  6. T

    Watch Time Milestone 20hr watch time in 10day

    hi all im really happy now .. i get 20hr watch time in 10day starting of a channel and have 50subcrabers :)
  7. ThingsX

    Educational Jobs that won't exist in the Futur

    As a society, we need to move fast to determine whether the new automated world can create a social utopia with better jobs or if it'll instead worsen the severe economic divisions already tearing apart the population.


    Hey all this is the guy named Hazz here with a new video up on the channel. This is a pretty weird game you'll have to watch it to see what it's about. If you enjoyed please let me know down in the comments of the video and let me know what your thoughts were on the game itself
  9. ThingsX

    Educational Points in history that almost caused World War III

    Ignorance is bliss, but eventually things become unclassified and we can learn just how close we all came to destruction.
  10. V

    Educational Victory Ville

    Hi! I'm Raul from Victory Ville, I am an art lover (specially cinema) and I live for improvement. This channel is about three best friends geographicaly seoarated trying to make the world a better place. We make vlogs that are generally educational...
  11. Psynorr

    Educational How to change your computer cursor!

    Hello everyone, iRecently I partnered 1 channel with freedom and nowIreally want to partner ,y other channel But the problem is that i dont have 10,000 views yet So if you guys could help me out That would mean alot :)
  12. Fact Bits

    Educational New Youtuber to Freedom

    Hello, I am a passionate YouTuber active since last 3 years. I make Informative list videos and will continue to put better videos on the way. From last one year I have been achieving very slow growth. I want to achieve more success. My dream in YouTube is to get notice by people and to show...
  13. A

    Educational What would death feel like?

    I took a stab at explaining my take of what death may feel like. Let me know what you think and what I can do better! Subscribe for more content like this!
  14. Evasive Eight019

    Request New Vlog channel what do you think?

    Hey freedom family I started a new Vlog channel what do you think. Let me know what you think!
  15. RyanScience

    Entertainment Hello, with a Touch of Science

    Hello, my channel goes by the name of Ryan. I could say that I'm from that moon of Jupiter's called Callisto, on a mission to entertain the earthlings with useless facts - or I could say I'm just another one of the 7.5 billion people on this blue and green and whatever other coloured planet...
  16. LollipopSWAG21

    Best/Worst cheating methods.

    Hello guys! Who has some good or bad methods for cheating during tests? Plz explain!
  17. T

    Educational Hey! My channel is unique.

    Hi my youtube channels name is "teen spirituality" but my real names myles. The point of my channel is too educate and do it in a way that is entertaining. my target audiance is teens because i feel many like myself need guidance but it doesnt just stop at teens, my goal is to reach everyone. i...
  18. Reading Zone TV

    Educational New Channel

    Hey guys I'm Mr.Ramos the creator of Reading Zone TV. I created this channel for parents, children, or any one that loves reading. I read books and I add SFX to get kids hooked and interested on reading. If you have children, siblings, or know someone that loves reading. Please send them my way...
  19. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays Lucius - Chapter 11 - Shot For Education

    No-one said we had to like our teacher... So why not take him out of the picture. Let me know your thoughts. Free healing for any that do!
  20. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays Lucius Chapter 11 - Shot For Education

    No-one ever said we had to like our teacher... So let's take him out of the picture completely. Thank you to anyone who watches. Free Healing!