1. K

    Entertainment Fashion

    1.Name : koneru Hanmantharao 2.From : INDIA 3.Age : senior citizen 4.How can i reach this forum : while searching youtube forums 5.What required from forum : Frankly to say that to promote my...
  2. Deathlake

    Film/Animation which do you prefer?

    which hat do you prefer left or right? What does it look like to you? created this as part of a character design for a project for uni. Suggestions or feedback welcome Backup link:
  3. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Flashing her panties!

    tried to do test animations of the Victorian Gothic style women sitting down but the clothing just wants to expose her panties have the time with it flying above her head! Please do comment below or on the actual video a time you accidentally exposed more then attended eg walking out your...
  4. Deathlake

    Film/Animation It demands BLOOD SACRIFICES!

    Please do comment below or on the actual video if you had to offer a blood sacrifice what wish would it be for and why, or who or what would you sacrifice? ^^ Made a 3D corset and Gothic blood red Victorian inspired dress speedpaint texturing for a animation.
  5. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Haunted skirt!

    Please do comment below or on the actual video what would you do if your clothes started to move by themselves! Rigged a skirt for an animation
  6. پ

    How To Amazing Fashion Asian Bridal Dress

    Hello friend its my latest bridal dress presentation i hope you like subscribe my channel and complete watch thank you..
  7. Row

    VFX "Beauty & Fashion" Freedom! Asset Pack 1.0

    These motion VFX can be added to the end of your video to help promote user interaction. Includes: Subscribe animation Like animation Comment below animation End screen animation Please read the "Read Me" text. Copyright Note All Rights Reserved @ MCN Freedom! Tech 2017 Usage License...

    Beauty I like Korean Cosmetics!

    Hi, I'm Lightnim and I'm a fairly new YouTuber! I like beauty and style lookbook/how-to videos so I wanted to start my own channel where I can show the world how I like to express myself. My first few videos I made when I first launched were made during a time where I felt very depressed and my...
  9. Lori Blue

    VLOG Irish Photographer! Hi!

    Hey there! My name is Lori Blue, Im from Dublin, Ireland, and I'm 23 years old! I have decided to start my own YouTube channel to share my passion, photography! I've been doing photography for about eight years now. Whilst my styles kept changing when I was younger, I have finally found the...
  10. W

    VR Looking to Collab i have 60 subs

    Looking to Collaborate with someone on beauty fashtion diy's
  11. Fit4Reality

    Fitness Hello Team Fit4Reality here

    My name is Will aka Mr Fit4Reality Im from Newark NJ but currently live in SC Im 33 yrs young and have been through many twist and turns of life Ive heard alot of good things about Freedom when it comes to small channels I joined the forums to maximize my accessibility and to learn from other...
  12. nailsunleashed


    Easy and fun nail art!! A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO NAIL TUTORIALS! Dedicated to women all over the world! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!;)(y) (Y)
  13. Ocean Thakur

    VR Looking for beauty/ fashion channels for collab

    HI, I am from India and recently started making Youtube videos and its difficult to grow initially , So would like to do collabs and support similar channels. Anyone with some ideas? I have 200 subs and my Channel Name is "Ocean Thakur"
  14. nailsunleashed

    How To New to Freedom

    Hello there everyone!! I am Felicia and I am new to Freedom. I am excited to get to know everyone and find out what great types of great videos everyone has been creating!! My YouTube channel is Nails Unleashed. I provide nail tutorials to show how to achieve the latest trendy, fun and stylish...
  15. T

    Gaming Hey guys I am...

    Hey guys I am Mr Lets Play! I am a currently small (as of posting this) channel with only 8 videos, and I do 1 video a day. I'm looking for a group to collab with on console though one important rule for the group is that you need to have a lot of the games the group has, or it just really wont...
  16. Nelle Creations

    VR DIY Fashion Channel

    Hi! I run a DIY Fashion, Lifestyle channel and am looking to see if there was anyone that wanted to collab on an upcoming video? Open to anyone who makes similar videos like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or even vlogging! Thanks!!
  17. Crazy Glam

    Beauty Introducing myself...

    Hi everybody ! Your name/alias: Clémentine Where are you from?: I'm from Belgium How old are you?: I'm 18 How did you find Freedom!? I find it great but I'm still discovering it. Until now, I find it clear and helpful :) What made you join our forums?: I want to get to know more people from the...
  18. V

    How to be consistent on youtube??

    Hey guys I have recently bump in to a problem and the problem is video consistency. How do you guys who do drama like video can come out with videos frequently?
  19. BlvckMan

    Unboxings & Reviews NEW PICKUPS! (Common Projects, Goyard, Acne Studios) Etc...

  20. BMcC Designs

    Service CHEAP 3D INTROS!

    Hey! Do you need a really nice 3D intro? You are in the right place! Check out my portfolio and add my on Skype of your interested. Store: Portfolio: