Hi, I'm Lightnim and I'm a fairly new YouTuber! I like beauty and style lookbook/how-to videos so I wanted to start my own channel where I can show the world how I like to express myself. My first few videos I made when I first launched were made during a time where I felt very depressed and my younger brother helped me to gain the courage to start pursuing my dreams as a YouTuber. However, I had to take a break from making videos because my I had a falling out with my mom. She kicked me out of her house in Korea and I was marooned to my big brother's place in America.

It's been about 2 months since then, and I took a chance when I applied to compete in StyleKorean's K-Beauty Guru contest. I wasn't expecting much, but I got accepted and now I'm in this competition and feeling really nervous because I really want to get into the next round and hopefully win something at the end of the entire tournament. My biggest concern is that I don't have very many friends or followers to help support me like some others do...

Sorry, this turned out more sad-sounding than I meant it to be.

Anyway, I'm beauty and fashion enthusiast and I would like to make some friends and meet people who might like to collaborate with me in the future! We could also promote each other's channels on our own channels. Any makeup gurus, fashionistas, divas, or anyone really, I'd love to hear from you. :)

I'm also thinking about posting other things that may not be beauty or style related. I have interest in making food recipe videos, posting song covers (they'll probably be pretty bad, I'm not that great at singing or guitar), or maybe even posting some gaming videos because I love to play video games.
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Sep 27, 2015
I love unique channels like this! I'm sorry to hear about your situation and I hope all goes well for the contest; best of luck!