1. Robin Goodyear

    Gaming Hey All!

    My name is Robin Goodyear (AKA Chamberlain) and I just signed up for freedom! Currently I don't meet monetization requirements, but that's okay. I'm here to introduce myself! Currently, I do gaming content on YouTube, and am a part time college student. One of my favorite things to do is play...

    Gaming "Free Fire Battlegrounds Gameplay" Killing With Jeep

  3. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming EA Games E3 2018 Predictions!!!!!

    Check out my predictions for the E3 2018 EA Games Predictions.
  4. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gaming Podcast Collab

    I'm looking for people to join my gaming podcast if you interested hit me up at [email protected]

    Gaming Media: THIS IS SO COOL | Delver - EP.01

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  6. Cattigan619

    Gaming Cattigan619 Plays:Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions Pt1

    Hey everyone, new let's play beginning today, and after a long time, I am doing a ps3 game on the channel, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. We start things off with the tutorial as we are introduced to the four Spider-Men from the different universes we plays as.
  7. derwinvlog

    Review4Review tell me how u like my channel..

    i improved my gameplay videos on my channel by adding new features .. tell me if you like em and what to improve.. im mostly a callofduty channel but im working to include other games .i might do more irls and game reviews but now its well what it is.i need more viewers and subs for this...
  8. Mike Newman

    Gaming New channel description

    Hello One and all and welcome to Madmik3's Gaming Channel. My name is Madmik32510 or Mike. I am a gamer, well a terrible gamer and it is my mission to provide great content for you all. Why? I hear you ask as you read this description, Well i LOVE to share my experiences with you all. I have...
  9. V

    Entertainment My NEW Reaction/Gaming Channel ! ( Ready Player One REACTION )

    I know there are already a bunch i mean TONS of reaction channel but i do my videos differently, I put a little effort on my videos by editing them and making em` fun supposed to the drop and upload mentality by other youtubers. If you have time to burn check out my channel it would gladly help...
  10. BeardedGamer

    Gaming Hey everyone

    hey guys my name is bearded gamer and im just starting out on youtube ive been gaming ever since i was 6 years old started out on super nintendo and went up from there. finally worked up the courage to make a YT channel and put myself out there lol it was way harder than i thought but im glad i...
  11. KnightHunter Studios

    Request Review on GTA Black Phantom (GTA V Machinima) Trailer?

    Hi everyone, So us at KnightHunter Studios are now currently working on our 8th, yes 8th, movie in our 'Grand Theft Auto' machinima franchise, and so far it has been a blast! The franchise, we must stress, is very orientated around the Bond and Mission Impossible franchise, so you will get that...
  12. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment GTA Black Phantom (GTA V Machinima) - NEW update video, NEW pictures + MORE!

    Finally, we're back! In today's video, JJ and Sam discuss the reasoning as to why we have been inactive for a while, as well as giving you an update on the current status of 'Black Phantom', and what's to be expected in the future. "Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to...
  13. Heatzio

    Gaming COD:WW2 Sniping montage :)

    Hey, heres my second video on the new call of duty ww2. I personally love the edit on this one, enjoyed spending my time putting some sniper clips together :)
  14. T


    Hi,Everyone I am THE MARK WARRIOR playing all games with most possible difficulty.The key to beat Games in such a commanding position is extreme dedication.I don't know how to gain views and subscribers just putting so much effort to achieve great success.Hope all viewers will enjoy my quality...
  15. the Chicken Gamer

    Gaming Hi, i'm Chicken Gamer with a gaming channel in broken english

    Hi, i'm Chicken Gamer yes that is not my real name of cource, i'm dilshan 2 days ago i started a youtube channel with gaming videos so the story is, about a year ago i strated a gaming+tech video channel called myhub in my country ( sri lanka ) after watching pewd's videos and got about...
  16. Tha Real Young One

    PC or Console Gaming

    What you will think be better in 5 years PC Gaming or Console Gaming?
  17. PSNDeJKriz

    GFX Request Mascot/Avatar [Serious Artists Only]

    Hello, I have been in search for a long time for someone who can at least recreate and or add there own personal touch on for a mascot/avatar for my social media, What am I looking for? I have a few references and I am looking for someone who can create a avatar/mascot that is a person but also...
  18. H


  19. ImBasiic


    Hey Freedom! I just uploaded my 21 kill game from my Livestream! I hope you guys do enjoy and if you have anything you think I should do diffrent! THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO WATCHES!!