1. XProject RageX

    Music Looking for so feedback on some music

    Hey what's up everybody how are yall new year coming along. I was wondering if yall can give me and my friend so feed back on some beat and songs he's been working on for a while now.. even though these two about about to show are done any kind of feedback would help and be amazing.
  2. CristoferK

    YouTube Any tips for a channel with Shorts?

    Any tips for a channel with Shorts?
  3. Ido Berg

    Solved got denied from Freedom!

    hi there. so the second i linked my channel to freedom i got denied.. i would like to know why? thank you! (i have 1.14k subscribers)
  4. CHQ Karaoke

    Music Hi I am CHQ Karaoke!

    Hi all! I joined the forum to ask help from all of you who are registered here to help me get subscribers on my channel. Hope you could give me a hand so I can get the 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours to monetize my channel. Thanks in advance to all!. Your name/alias/YOUTUBE CHANNEL: CHQ KARAOKE...
  5. Anthony Smith

    Community I don't want to do this alone anymore, Who's with me?

    Friends, Creating content can sometimes be a lonely affair. Working till the wee hours of the morning on a project with little feedback from people who have been there stressing about something that some viewers may not notice or appreciate. I'm sick and tired of not having peers to bounce...
  6. Vlogging Tape


    HI guys! just looking fro some vlogging ideas ? i have a vlogging channel and i need some good ideas so i can film some interesting stuff! my life is pretty basic so i need some inspiration if anyone could help ! all ideas are welcome ! lets get a good discussion going on
  7. Vlogging Tape

    GFX Request looking for a new logo and banner that match (free is possible)

    Hi there, new and upcoming channel here! just looking to see if anyone could make our channel logo and banner as i have no experience with design. This could be a good bit of practice for someone as we are looking for a VIDEO TAPE style design! like an old VHS any help would be greatly...
  8. Animates

    YouTube Please please help me, (not by the Beatles)

    Hi peoples, I really really need your help. I want to double the number of subscribers to my channel before the 1st Nov 2019. I guess it's a big ask because my content might not be of interest to you. Would you please take a quick peek and if you think you could use the content for your own...
  9. Ch3rry

    Resources Discord Server to Help Video Editors, Artists, Coders and MORE! This is a place for creators of any type. If you are an artist, musician, programmer, or/and video editor then please feel free to join us! Thank You for Your Time :D
  10. Roger Perry


    Hello My channel's name on YouTube Is 'help me know how 'and I'm looking on to collaborating with somebody so if you're interested email me on; r[email protected] See ya Sent from my TECNO-W3 using Tapatalk
  11. angel-design

    Entertainment Hello how are you all

    Hi how are you all, my name is Angel I have a question registered with you since 2015, I am always here on the page to read comments, listen music etc. It's something new that has been taken out and I have to register again Thank You
  12. A

    Solved Help Getting Epidemic Music

    Hi, I'm trying to log in to epidemic music through freedom partnership however, it keeps asking me to sign in with google and continiously tells me account not found. Do I have to link my freedom account to google?
  13. Klahn's Clinic

    Which video editor to pick?

    I currently use the free version of lightworks 14 to edit all of my videos, but I have been thinking about upgrading to a more "professional" editor. The ones that I've been looking at are magix video pro X10, Vegas 14 edit, and PowerDirector 17. I'm leaning towards Vegas and PowerDirector due...
  14. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Solved Video copyright claimant (what to do)

    So Ive uploaded a video to be schedule to be public, and it got a copyright claimant on it. down belown Ive uploaded the image I posted to my Twitter Page. Ive already filed a dispute and said its in Fair use, as im spending 90% of the video talking about it, discussing my thoughts and...
  15. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Tips on Vlogs

    So I just recently got a Go Pro Hero 5, I use it as a second angle for my unboxing videos, but I want to start doing Vlogs, not daily vlogs because I wont have the time to do that sort of thing but I want to do Exploring videos during the day and sometimes nights. Just wanted to get any tips to...
  16. S

    Solved under review for over a year

    I have been under review for partnership for over a year! anyone able to fix this?
  17. UndeadViking

    Gaming YouTube/Twitch

    Hello everyone, I am Undead. I am a daily streamer and i try to upload on youtube too. I am currently on the road to a Twitch Affiliate and i need your help if that is possible. I stream stuff such as Rainbow Six Siege, Warframe, Prey and many more games. It's just depending what i am playing...
  18. Tha Sinclair's

    Community Introduction

    Hi there, I'm a young new YouTuber that is trying to grow and willing to learn how to grow. Be free to introduce yourself and if you have a point or two please share them. Thanks for stopping by :)
  19. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Solved Is my channel in good condition?

    So I spend the last few days watching the KYC videos on the Freedom! YouTube channel. and I went around and deleted a load of videos and changed some video descriptions. I wanted to know how can I request to get my channel reviewed and get some feedback on what needs to be fixed, what videos...
  20. Basia Kuchnowska

    News Youtube just hate me...

    Can you help me? Youtube just f... me up. My subscribers didn't get information about my new materials. Can you help me reach 1k views?