pc collab

  1. TheSamuraiHex

    PC Looking For People To Collab With

    Hi, I'm Matt, I'm getting back into YouTube after a 3+ year break. And I've decided to start fresh so new channel and all that. So I'm relatively small. I play games like Garry's Mod, Among Us, Fall Guys & Rocket League, but any other game that interests me I am willing to try and play. I'm...
  2. DraycosDragon

    PC Gaming Group - Accepting Twitchers & YouTubers

    Hello there. I am a solo gaming Twitch live streamer. I normally do solo games (GeoGuessr, random GameJolt games, etc) and "playing with viewers" party/multiplayer games (Roblox, Jackbox, etc). But I have been planning to include tabletop style games as well. However, since I have never played...
  3. Tim McCammon

    VR Looking to have fun with others!

    Hi! I'm Tim! I run a channel on YouTube called MonoNinja. I'm looking for people to collab and have fun with for a video! I have Xbox and a PC although I play Xbox a lot more I'd love to branch out! If you are interested in us growing together, Contact me on Discord or through my Email...
  4. ODI

    PC PUBG anyone?

    Looking for some people to play and record Player Unknown's Battlegrounds with. Preferrably be in Europe and if you have a YT channel, we could consider a collaboration!
  5. D


    Collab with more youtubers and share subs between each other and gain more views and grow together as a community! The more collaboration, the more views come in and subs. More people in the discord collaborating to more views we'll get on our channel! Join Today! Discord https://discord.gg/T4EJcWc
  6. EasyKillsGG

    PC Looking for Players or groups in shooting games

    Hi Guys and Gals.. Im looking for some people to do some collaborations with, Im open for suggestions, It could be funny, it could be some kind of challenges or just regular gameplay. My main games is Call of duty, battlefield, CsGo, Playerunknowns battlegrounds. But Im also open for...
  7. YoYoTran

    PC (1000 subs and above) funny youtubers

    Age: 22 Channel Main Topic: funny moments from pc games experience Amount of Subscribers: 1930 Other ways to contact me: https://www.facebook.com/khi.tran.31 About my channel: guarantee very well edited + high quality videos (thumbnail is also very well made), mostly goofing around with friends...
  8. Xmk11

    Gaming Nerdy guy looking for other nerdy people.

    A real nerdy 21 year old guy with a small channel looking for other peeps to be nerdy with. About me: Laid back for the most part, a lot of what I do is based on impulse and whatever I find fun at the time. Games: On PC I got Gmod, l4d2, Battleblock Theatre, Castle Crashers, starcraft, and a...
  9. Furygaming

    PC PC and PS4 collaboration

    I'm looking for some people to record with on PC or PS4. On PC I was thinking like gmod or like left 4 dead 2 or any other game your down to play lol:) and on PS4 maybe gta 5 or some call of duty. I'm 14 and I have a decent mic and I have around 250 subscribers. If your down let me know! My...
  10. DraycosDragon

    PC Gaming YouTube Collab

    I'm looking to collab with someone (hopefully more then one YouTuber) with many different games... Golf With Your Friends Garry's Mod (AKA: GMod) Minecraft (modded only because vanilla MC has gotten too boring for me) Roblox Cards Against Humanity (AKA: CAH) If you want to join me (and maybe...
  11. N

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with(pc)

    Hey i am 15 years old and play most games but not minecaft. I will like to have some people to collab with and around my age or older. You can contact me at twitter or just ride down in the thread.
  12. Furygaming

    PlayStation Anyone Wanna Make Videos and/or Stream?:)

    I'm a youtuber with almost 250 subscribers and I'm looking for people to make videos with on PC and on ps4 if you want to lol but I have a few requirements : Must speak English obviously, must be at least 12 (I'm 14 so yeah that's why) must have a sense of humour and must have at least 50...
  13. Mark Williams

    PC PC Collab Group

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to get back in YouTube as I've been busy for a little and need to make some more content. I have a lot of games that I can Collab with people such as Rust, Gmod, Gta5, Minecraft and there are some other big titles I have in my steam account. If you're...
  14. BeckhamHD

    PC Professional Minecraft Roleplay?!

    If your interested, leave me a reply! Although I am a small channel, I believe if I keep doing original roleplays, it'll just blow up! But I can't do this alone, I need people willing to voice act, you don't have to join a server to help, but that is up to you! But if you have the time to join a...
  15. BeckhamHD

    Gaming (PLEASE READ) Hey there!

    Hey there! My name is BeckhamHD and I love to provide Original gaming content or my audience to enjoy! As of right now I am a small channel but I believe with hard work and dedication anything is possible! I love games and will post on all types of games and consoles! From PC to Xbox, GTA to...
  16. ShivGaming

    PC Looking for people to collaborate ( H1Z1, Rocket League )

    Hello there! I am Shiv, I am a 19 years old youtuber and I would like to collaborate with people from EU basically ( because of the time zone ) I play games such as H1Z1 King Of The Kill , Rocket League , Paladins, Hearthstone. I have 32 subscribers and I can collaborate with someone that is...
  17. T

    PC Skype Gaming

    If you play Gmod or CS:GO lets play and record some videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBAkFV_JEnDgL47GgUesOtA
  18. Furygaming

    PC Gmod funny moments YouTube group

    I'm looking for people to record some gmod, Cod Waw or even gang beasts or any other game if your interested let me know I'm not sure how to set up to play with friends on gmod lol but anyway if your interested let me know btw I have 240 subscribers. There isn't really any requirements I'm just...
  19. T


    Hey guys and girls im looking for a group to play and record videos with. Must be 17+ have a good mic and a cool personality :D Heres my video.
  20. X

    XBox Xbox/PC. Small/Medium Channels Collab

    I've been wanting to do a collaboration video for a long time now. I have every gaming console except PS4. So if you are Xbox/PC we could probably do a collaboration! Small = 0 - 500, Med = 500 - 1.5k Subs Xbox: Games -Halo 5: Guardians -Halo: TMCC -GTA V -Cod; Ghosts, AW, BO3, BO1. -Titanfall...