PC Looking For People To Collab With


Autistic - YouTuber | Author | Artist
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Jul 6, 2015
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Matt, I'm getting back into YouTube after a 3+ year break. And I've decided to start fresh so new channel and all that. So I'm relatively small.

I play games like Garry's Mod, Among Us, Fall Guys & Rocket League, but any other game that interests me I am willing to try and play.

I'm not bothered about your age, when I did YouTube years ago I was but nowadays I'm fine playing with anybody as long as they aren't nasty in their videos and throw abuse and all that at people.

If you'd like to collab feel free to join my Discord Server. https://discord.gg/2ttBck2 and message me through there.

Hope to hear from you! Matt