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  1. TheSamuraiHex

    PC Looking For People To Collab With

    Hi, I'm Matt, I'm getting back into YouTube after a 3+ year break. And I've decided to start fresh so new channel and all that. So I'm relatively small. I play games like Garry's Mod, Among Us, Fall Guys & Rocket League, but any other game that interests me I am willing to try and play. I'm...
  2. Vlad Jirnov

    Gaming Introducing PersonalityChange

    Hey guys, I'm a small gaming youtuber! Right now, I mostly upload tutorial videos about the video games that I enjoy playing. I do that because I love helping and teaching other people. I might starting doing gameplay series on those games and see how that goes in the future. Check out my...
  3. C

    Gaming New Here Need Some Help

    Hello My Name Is CasualApe.I Am A Very Small Youtuber And Would Appericate Some Help.If Your Willing To Watch My Three Latest Videos.Also If You Wanna Subscribe Please Do! Thanks,CasualApe
  4. W

    Comedy Reacting To (and critiquing) 16 Year Old's $1 000 000 Shoe Collection

    This is my first post on this website, so idk how it works exactly. I made this video discussing people who spend a lot of money on shoes and my opinion on that with comedic bits thrown in. Please consider checking it out!
  5. A

    YouTube My style what i learnd of growing chanel

    How you guys promote you videos what social media how you chose your tags and what helped you a lot on geting a bigger fanbase and people to be intrested in your chanel well so how is my long way of douing it with a bit of luck first i share when i make video on lots of groups around the world...
  6. Jack Bounds

    Gaming Happy to be here!

    Hi I'm Jack and I've been running my YouTube channel SharpExGaming since 2013. I currently have 118 subscribers which is small but I'm happy to surpass 100! I joined Freedom! in 2014 but I have only just started participating in the forums! I chose to partner with Freedom! because I believe they...
  7. Zentrx

    Gaming I Am A Rainbow Six Siege And The Division Youtuber!

    Please Comment If You Would Like To Collab On Either Of This Games I Post Daily To Weekly !!
  8. Zentrx

    Gaming Hey Guys If Your Interested In R6 Montage Or Gameplay!!

    hey, guys and girls, i am a YouTuber known by the name of Zentrx I am A really Competitive Gamer. I play Alot OF Rainbow Six Siege And The Division. I am Started A New Montage Series And if You want Your Clip to be in a montage please comment on a video or just simply comment on here! Thank You...
  9. SannuG

    Leaving Freedom once more, why?

    Dear Freedom community. I am about to bounce off from the network for various reasons, and, I hope you're not going to give me any hate because of the reasons. 1 - Freedom Scam (?); I am not sure how reliable these videos are when it comes to saying that Freedom is a scam, who knows, those...
  10. Ramen TimeTv

    Let Us See The Light!

    I am starting to wonder why YouTube hasn't made much of a better effort to open a section of YouTube to all upcoming your tubers to get exposure SOMETHING ISNT RIGHT!
  11. TheCodyNetwork

    Comedy HOW TO BECOME FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE IN 2017! (Eddy's Teaching You Things)

    Welcome to the first official episode of Eddy's Teaching You Things! In this series, Eddy will try to teach you everything he knows by doing some of the most stupid and insane things possible--- but trust us, it all works! Follow each of his well-detailed and scientifically-proven instructions...
  12. Mr Grim

    Gaming Hello again...

    Well hello freedom family how are you doing keep? I thought it was time that I reintroduced myself to everyone seems as my last one was a bit crap. My name is Nathan, I'm 30 years old and have two of the most beautiful, craziest kids that you'd ever meet. I decided to make a youtube channel...
  13. Mr Grim

    Gaming PSG Speed Challenge - Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Hi everyone could you do me a massive e favour and check my video out please. In wildlands ubisoft have been making challenges for youtubers to do, they ha ent asked me to do one but I enjoy making them. Thanks for taking time to read this guys it means a lot to me and if you like what you see...
  14. Mr Grim

    YouTube Views Milestone 40,000 views this is unbelievable

    Hi freedom family how are you all doing. So I woke up this morning and had a qui k look at my channel and I had the biggest surprise ever. In a little under two months I have had 40,512. To anyone from freedom thats ever watched one of my videos I want to thank you so much, this is what gives me...
  15. Trippst3r

    Community My Channel Trailer

    I finally got around to making a channel trailer for newcomers to my channel. It's pretty basic and straightforward. I welcome any feedback and suggestions on it. Thanks for the support!
  16. Mr Grim

    Gaming Season Challenge Week 3 - Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Hi freedom family how are you all doing. Could you guys do me a favour and check out my new video please. In this video I will be going over what you have to do for this weeks challenge and the rewards that you will get if you complete them. Thanks for taking time to read this.
  17. Trippst3r

    Gaming Subnautica - First Time Playing & Facecam

    Hey there! It's been a short time since I've actively participated in the forums, but I am here to share with you my latest video: Subnautica gameplay, plus my first time with a facecam! Please let me know what you think of the video!
  18. Trippst3r

    Gaming A Day in the Life of a Slice of Bread (Indie Game)

    Hey there, beautiful person reading this post! I enjoy showing off indie games, and this was no exception! I hope you enjoy the video of this fantastic game that has multiple endings. You can even try it for yourself, just check the video's description for a download link! Without further ado, I...
  19. Mr Grim

    Gaming L115A3 Bullet Drop Guide - Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Hi freedom family check out my new video. In this I go over where to sim on the scope to get those long range kills. If you like hit that button comment and subscribe cheers.
  20. Mr Grim

    YouTube Loosing sub's when I upload

    Hi guys I'm not sure if this is the section. I'm have a problem with YouTube. Every time I upload a video to youtube I lose a few sub's. Why is this happening. Is there anyway to fix it. Thanks for the help.