1. BlOoDrAgOn

    Gaming Come see my YouTube

    Come check out my YouTube channel,i have lots of good gamplays and have lots of diverse content, i usually post twice a week or 1 once a week if i'm busy, but feel free to like, comment, and subscribe if you want more vids from me, it gives me more support to make my vids. also share my content...

    Gaming RARE Plays Layers Of Fear

    hey guys whats up welcome to our first layers of fear video watch as we conquer all of our fears little spoiler ... we dont!!! follow us at twiiter on @rareinamerica for updates and tweets
  3. Nick Murray

    Gaming My Growing YouTube Channel

    Hello, my name is MagmaCreeper and I'm a growing YouTuber with hopes that Freedom! will help with my goal to become the next PewDiePie! I started YouTube about 3 years ago, because the thought of putting something I made on the internet was AMAZING! (This was before I had Instagram... XD) Soon...
  4. Way

    Gaming [NEED CRITICISM] New Series about little known but awful Steam Games

    It's called Steam ****, I actually need a lot of constructive criticism. You can't possibly hurt my feelings so if what you have to post is negative just post it. First one Second One
  5. SamTHimself

    Gaming Spintires - Dirty Flipping Trucks!!!

    Hey guyyyyyyysss Okay time for a newwwww videoooo! Today we're checking out Spintires, a crazy truck game with AWESOME graphics especially the sexay mud! Watch me get stuck, flip trucks and have no idea what is going on! Remember after watching the video, underneath hit the "Thumbs up" button...
  6. L

    Gaming Skyfactory or Pixlemon Server

    Hey Guyz It's MineAddict I Am Gathering A Team Of At least 5 People To Do A Server With It Can Be Any Server We Can Discuss Over Skype Requirements Skype Name: Minecraft: Channel Link: Age (10-15) Might Also Do Other Games If Minecraft Recording Goes Well Also If U Are Up For More Game
  7. kabalyero

    Gaming Got 3 Paid STEAM Games For FREE ★ Go Get Yours Too (Vlog)

    Got 3 Paid STEAM Games For FREE ★ Go Get Yours Too (Vlog) I love getting paid free games and today I got 3 paid STEAM games for free! Again, this is a limited time offer and it's available to everyone who has a Steam account. So please, don't get mad if you didn't get the bundle because you...
  8. Parker's Clips

    Gaming Parker's Introduction!

    Hello, my name is Parker! Here's a little personal summary before I get started: I'm a 17 year old dude who has for a long time has had an interest for video editing ever since I discovered Windows movie maker back as a kid, simply putting text over the green hill background of windows XP! Since...
  9. Minecraft - superdiego816

    Gaming new here

    Hello my name is Diego Silva i do minecraft and my ign is superdiego816 my YT is minecraft-superdiego816 i am new here and i am so happy to be here :D
  10. D

    Gaming Assassins Creed Brotherhood finale

    I finally get the the end of Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  11. LghtnChaser

    Gaming Video Game Collab (PC)

    Hey everyone im fairly new to freedom and have a multitude of games on steam. Not limited but include I would prefer that you are 16 or older before replying. Borderlands Series Dead Space Series Terraria Minecraft ( also have a server) Don't Starve Killing Floor GMod Viscera Cleanup Detail...
  12. Dillon Bartlett

    Gaming Castle Crashers! Trappin with a Dolphin!

    Hope you guys enjoy! Please rate and subscribe :)
  13. Bink

    How many hours do you have on a single game?

    I know i've played a lot of games in my time, and spent A LOT of hours in the process. I was wondering what steam games, or games in general, have you spent the most time on. Plus, how many hours have you spent playing them? Thanks for all of the replies!
  14. CephasRed

    Gaming THE ORIGINAL BLUE BLAZER - Sonic The Hedgehog (16-bit)

    Steam is having a sale on Sonic and Sega games! Check it out! Going back to the 90s, playing some Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time in years! Take a trip with me down memory lane where this fast, spiky, blue, red sneakered powerhouse started!
  15. CephasRed

    Gaming A LONG AWAITED REUNION - Undertale (Part 19)

    The answer to Dr. Alphy's experiments are revealed! The time to meet King Asgore is at hand once with more familiar, friendly faces! ...but why does this uneasy feeling still linger...?
  16. CephasRed

    Gaming WHAT LIES BENEATH... - Undertale (Part 18)

    So what was it that Dr. Alphys was working on? What truth lies within the deep, dark, dank laboratory...? It may be more shocking then we realize...
  17. DaLemonKingMC

    Gaming Abyss Odyssey #1- A Learning Process

    Hey everyone! Abyss Odyssey is a fighting game in 2D where you make your way down the levels of the abyss to the warlock boss at the end. This game is really challenging! It is meant to be played with a group, but my cousin and I are taking it on with just the two of us. Lets just say its gonna...
  18. Dillon Bartlett

    Gaming Punch Club EP 3 - Teenage Mutant Alligator??

    In today's episode I had to fist fight an alligator like a straight up thug. Watch the video and subscribe!