1. Elly Space

    Entertainment Elly Space - 2121 (music video)

  2. Puglife - Nightcore

    Service Will make Fortnite Edits.

    I make Fortnite Montages. I'm pretty new to after effects since I've started to edit since last week but I want to find a way to make this into a side job! =-= Pricing =-= 2$ a Trailer Example - 6$ an Edit Example - www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pnhn0efwXk&t= =-= Pricing =-= If you want to...
  3. AlexxOn

    AlexxOn - Contenido: GFX, Diseño de Banners, Overlays, Template y Mucho mas!

    Hola me pueden encontrar en mi canal como AlexxOn. Suelo subir todo tipo de videos relacionado con el Diseño. ya sea desde Banners, overlays, logos y cualquier tipo de diseño Gratis para todo el mundo. Tambien estare subiendo tutoriales para que aprendas a personalizar tu canal de una forma...
  4. Tutorial Virus Rj


    Plz subscribe and support Like share subscribe
  5. C

    Service GFX, VFX & Filmmaker looking for work [Free]

    Hello all, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHpCMcZb6kQz6sFmGJVolnA I am currently attending university and I am looking for work to keep myself busy, I have well versed with Blender and Visual Effects, and the entire Adobe editing suite. Currently I am just starting up my YouTube channel...
  6. Row

    VFX "Beauty & Fashion" Freedom! Asset Pack 1.0

    These motion VFX can be added to the end of your video to help promote user interaction. Includes: Subscribe animation Like animation Comment below animation End screen animation Please read the "Read Me" text. Copyright Note All Rights Reserved @ MCN Freedom! Tech 2017 Usage License...
  7. kpatjmat67

    Service Video Edior/ Gfx artist for hire

    I am a Gfx artist and Video editor for hire don't be afraid to message me. Other Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trident_L3GacY Artstation: https://br0kenlegacy.artstation.com/
  8. D

    A new intro!

    So I've made this new intro for myself, what do you guys think about it?
  9. VFX Chicken

    How To HEY GUYS!!

    Hi my name is Jack from VFX Chicken and if any of you guys are interested in film and Visual Effects, subscribe to my channel to learn and to support the content I upload. I may upload short clips I have made my self as well some reels I would like to show off with however I will also try to...
  10. Venox Designs

    Service Venox Design Graphics

    Hello everyone! We're Venox Designs, a new design group that started up about two weeks ago. Currently, we're looking to answer your requests, and find a few clients. We have 5 designers so far, working in both GFX and VFX. We can take both 2D and 3D requests. Some of you may have seen our...
  11. Anime Heaven

    VFX Request Search Top Ten Anime Template

    Hi Guys, for my anime top ten and top five lists, I need a new version of a template. I search one that have anime style and do not broke copyrights. I though about Lowerthirds with numbers or so :). It need to be edit able in adobe after effects CC. I hope you guys can help me. best wishes...
  12. Tilairgan

    VFX Request Intro Needed (Will Pay if Necessary)

    So I know there are people here who would like some VFX work to add to any portfolios and resumes, and I would like to offer a job to anyone willing. I need an intro for my next film, and rather quickly. By the end of next week is the projected release date for the film so there's not that much...
  13. Anthony Smith

    VFX Animated Subscription Notification reminder 1.0

    This is a generic reminder to subscribe to your channel that pops up and shows people the action they need to perform in order to be notified of future uploads. This includes the project files for Adobe Aftereffects so you can include your own channel name and avatar if you'd like. Do you like...
  14. Jonathan

    GFX Misc Improved C.R.I.B Icons 11/05/2017 (Update #3)

    (Icon preview, images are 1/4 actual size in this preview) So I recently found a few more GTX tools I didn't know I had and though I'd make some flat design icons to improve on Ashely's C.R.I.B Icon pack (seen here). What I've done here is made them all the same flat circle design with white...
  15. Mr Grim

    Channel logo, Intro and outro

    Hi guys and gals I'm looking for someone to help me out with channel logo, a Intro and a outdo template for my channel. One guy of here said that he would do it but he won't answer my message's now. For the logo I would like MrGrim in a lightning blue and have a smokey/black backdrop. For the...
  16. Anthony Smith

    VFX Top 10 Transition slides 2017-03-09

    These pre-rendered motion graphics wipe onto the screen with a spiral effect transitioning your video from topic to topic and from hobby to professional grade. These are rendered as adobe quicktime files so that your editing software will recognize the transparent elements making it seem as if...
  17. SnakeCity

    Service [Paid] Intermediate/Professional Video Editor

    Hey there! If you are on this forum, then you most probably have a youtube channel. Now whether you are busy with school, work, social life you may not have time to edit all that great content you want to upload. I offer intermediate to professional level video editing services. The editing...
  18. EliteSpartanClan

    Gaming EliteSpartanClan Recruitment Roles

    Hey there Freedom! My name is MrEpicGames. I am the CEO & Founder of the gaming team EliteSpartanClan. We are recruiting a mixture of roles including content creators, montage creators, streamers and even expanding our ESports team! Check out the image (below) for basic requirements and...
  19. Gail Alter

    VFX Request Outro Please?

    Can someone make me a cool, girly outro? I would like some sort of "pastel" colors and my channel name, with a subscribe icon and a new video box area! Thanks! - gail
  20. Gamenatic

    Service [FREE] Channel art, Video Editing [FREE]

    Hey guys so im somewhat good in graphics and video editing im looking to improve so im helping you guys by making you logos and banner and editing your videos please request down below and ill give you some samples and contact methods!