video editing

  1. Ch3rry

    Service Free Video Editing and Thumbnails

    I will edit a video up to 30 minutes long from footage up to 60 minutes long. If you would like to get a longer video please find me on: I can also make a thumbnail for your video if you want. Examples:
  2. Won

    Service QUALITY & AFFORDABLE Video Editing

    If you want a REAL EDITOR that will actually give you QUALITY content then keep reading, if not just click off now. I'm looking for people who ACTUALLY want good videos and ACTUALLY want to get their content quality up to have a chance of surviving on Youtube. I made a post a long long time ago...
  3. Won

    Service TOP NOTCH VIDEO EDITOR (First Video Half Off)

    Yo what's going on Freedom Family, I realized recently that I really love editing videos and want to start turning it into a job instead of just a hobby, and I have the skill to be a professional editor! I can edit all kids of videos from Vlogs to gameplays to random videos. Comment your...
  4. Rhan

    Service Need an Editor?

    Do you have a video, or bunch of videos on stockpile that you can't be bothered with? Check out my Fiverr page and let me do all the dirty work!
  5. TechNoboOrig

    Resources The most useful tool for video creators & editors (especially gamers)

    Hello Freedom! It's been a long time since I've last posted on the forums... Since I was last here, I have finished off a project I have been programming, and it's now on Steam. What is it? TcNo TimeKeeper is software made to run alongside recording or streaming software (like Bandicam...
  6. Nottchez lol

    GFX Looking for youtubers to edit videos for/collaborate

    my channel is nottchez101 i have 180 subscribers and i haven't uploaded in forever :( id really like to get back into making videos so here is my proposition. i am trying to become a freelance editor. i have edited videos for school projects and for my own YouTube video's i have been practicing...
  7. Nottchez lol

    Service Video Editor (FREE)

    Ill edit any videos that are going to be under 10 ish minutes ill edit any types of videos
  8. VoiaGmer

    Service I Will Edit Your Videos

    I am willing to edit any videos that you may be in need of editing, whether it be for a YouTube channel or for your own personal usage. I have been using Premiere Pro for years, along with running a YouTube channel myself, I have expertise in editing most things. My experiences with editing are...
  9. U

    Official Goodbye Youtube's video editor!

    Hello, all! Sad news guys, Youtube video editor, and photo slideshow is being canned. So for all of you that are unaware about Youtube video editor, You can use Video Editor tools to put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one click. All of your uploads are...
  10. L

    Service Request Video Editing

    Hi i was wondering if someone will edit my videos for every day or 2 to 3 times a day i would send you the video though email and the music and intro/outro pay = free In the video i will give you a shout-out for your channel
  11. TheoBoy10

    Tech Hitfilm 4 Express 2017: BEST FREE WINDOWS & MAC VIDEO EDITOR

    Hitfilm just released a new version of their video editing software, which is Hitfilm 4 Express. It is free to use and there is a lot of things you can do with it. In this video I will be going over what's new in new version of the software and also showing you how to download and install it...
  12. Retz Gaming Days

    Service Request Need a video editor

    Heya Guys and Gals, Recently I have made an Android Mobile game called Magical Defence and I have been doing my best to advertise the game. I have thought long and hard about what needs to be done and have come to the conclusion that a true video advert would be best. However I have no video...
  13. multigamefreakz

    YouTube Struggling to get past 800 subs

    hi youtubers our goal at the moment is to reach 1000 subs, we have about 813 at the current moment, any advice or tips to help us achieve this would be greatly appreciated, we kinda have peaks and then steadily decline and we get stuck with the youtube shuffle. then all of a sudden we get a few...
  14. paradox paradise

    Service [PAID] Looking to editor for others

    Hello, I am Andre Moore but you can call me Paradox Paradise or Para for short. I am a video editor that is looking to edit videos of other Youtubers that need someone to edit for them when they possibly have school, work, etc. I have a intermediate experience with editing and have a desire to...
  15. KJAGaming

    Tech Built a new video editing rig - Ryzen AMD (Poll/Video)

    I Just built a new video editing and gaming rig the other day and oh my gosh it makes video editing so much faster then it was before! (Caution Head Phone Users Turn Down Audio ) Note if you hear me yelling in the background guess what im saying! New System Specs : CPU : AMD Ryzen 7...
  16. ThePandrus

    Service FREE Editing and Visual effects work from the Community Team's Sam

    Hey there Freedom! As of the 3rd March 2017, I am now a freelance editor and visual effects artist. To help kickstart my business and service, I am offering members of Freedom! (and you must be an accepted partner with your Dashboard account linked to your Freedom! Forum Account so you have...
  17. Ben Vowles

    Microphone recommendations

    Can somebody recommend a clip-on mic that can be hidden for improving the audio on my videos, or is there a small desktop piece that could be off-camera?
  18. Ben Vowles

    YouTube To vlog or not to vlog?

    Are there any regular vloggers out there? I'm tempted, but unsure how much time into the edits. I can see my days being filled with the photography and the nights filed with the edit. Alld very well for a full-timer, but i work. Would 1 - 3 times a week be kind of the average?
  19. totally_waffle

    Service Free Video Editing Service

    Hello my name is waffle i currently edit my own videos on my own time as well as stream and record. I love editing videos and seeing the response and feedback i get from the videos. I am not a very entertaining fellow but a decent editor. With my service i will do anything from Basic rendering...
  20. Tristan B

    Film/Animation I actually edited a video ?!

    Just looking for feedback on my video I edited, and taking and tips or advice :)