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  1. AmblerA

    Gaming IT HAS BEGUN!

    Hello, My name is Alex Ambler (AmblerA), I started YouTube a long time ago, but back then I was just uploading random and stupid videos. This past year I have been fully interactive with YouTube and the social networks to get myself known. I have started by uploading one video each week...
  2. GeorgeHD

    Gaming I need your help

    My name is George HD and I really need help on my youtube channel I would love if you check out my channel below and give me some feedback Age: 14 Things found on my channel: gaming, tutorials, vlogs, and anything you want me to do My Channel...
  3. P

    Gaming My name is PLAYLIFE!

    Hello everybody! My name is Playlife and i will grow up on YouTube. I make Videos since 2014 and i dont have so much subscribers. I will be big in the scene GAMING because this is my only goal. I will keep trying making Videos. My Channel is german, so don´t wonder if you don´t understand these...
  4. C

    Entertainment Juegos Plays Politica Humor Tutoriales Y Mas

    Su Nombre: Carlos Chirinos Xavier Rodríguez ¿Como ha Encontrado La Libertad!? En Internet Google Y Facebook Y ESPERO PODER CON YOUTUBE A TRAVEZ DE LA LIBERTAD! ¿Qué te Hizo ONU Unirse Nuestros Foros:? Me uní al foro Porque queria ENCONTRAR Las Personas Que les gusta lo que me gusta Demasiado...
  5. T

    Gaming My Channel!

    Hey everyone! Me and my friends just recently started Youtube and just joined the Freedom Network. We would love you to all check us out if you can. We love playing loads of games but specifically Minecraft, Rocket League and Call of Duty Challenge Videos. We will happily check you out too as...
  6. E


    Hey. I'm Eze Mugweni I edit videos for people. I just finished editing an video for someone to upload on their YouTube channel and he liked it. I even added music to his call of duty black ops 3 compilation. CONTACT ME: Skype:chibueze2002 Kik: Ezemugi...
  7. H

    Gaming I am a Gamer (1100 Subs) and am looking for expansion

    I have always enjoyed editing videos and uploading the. This has been a hobby of mine for a long time, I am finding it hard to grow my channel so I have decided to do a giveaway. This giveaway has gained me lots of subscribers which I am grateful for. But. I do not want my channel to be formed...
  8. S

    Gaming Crash Team - Group Channel - English

    Hello guys we decided to create one group channel with my friends we are 3 people in this channel and we want to start our mostly everyday recording. If you want to know we are 3 boys we are 15 years old all of us , we want to record gaming , because we have a chance to try and see what's gonna...
  9. Struders95

    What Youtube Videos Do You Enjoy Most!

    Hi my name is Ryan (struders95) im just wanting to know from all the viewer to see what type of youtube/content makers do you guys enjoy the most. be sure to check my channel out to see if i could be your new favorite Advertising links removed - read the rules - Pskovanion
  10. BtdFtw YT

    Gaming Hey there I am Alex ;) ...a friend and fellow youtuber

    Hey guys, how are you doing. I am Alex a youtuber struggling with his channel. Honestly I post high quality content. And by that I mean HD videos and exceptional gameplay. Also I post almost every day :)(y) (Y) I do gaming on my channel. Mostly playing mobile games like : Clash of Clans, Bloons...
  11. Pons

    Gaming My Channel , and Who I am .

    What's going on Freedom Family? Well , to start off , my name is Anthony , but you can call me "Pons" , I am a gaming channel just trying to have fun . I am currently at this time of me writing this 15 . I wanted to start YouTube because of how fun it looked and how good it could be to entertain...
  12. Acemi Player

    Gaming I am Turkish Youtuber !

    Hi ! I am Turkish and I have got a gaming channel . I hope you will like it .