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    Hey guys :) Check it out, I started a new series :)
  2. MisfitJonesGaming

    Gaming Watch a grown man almost SH*T HIMSELF

    Hey peoples of the freedom community I’m currently undergoing the fear of resident evil 7 consider visiting and leaving some feedback I’d really appreciate it❤️
  3. Gaming Community Zeeland

    Watch Time Milestone I Hit the 14K Viewers!!

    Hello Everyone, i hit whit this amazing video the 14K views. taste to more. let's go.
  4. j^3

    Gaming help on youtube

    Whats up guys my name is skullpoly and would like if some of you guys could comment on what i could do to better my youtube channel. Top comments will be shout out in my next video. youtube link:
  5. Nottchez lol

    GFX Looking for youtubers to edit videos for/collaborate

    my channel is nottchez101 i have 180 subscribers and i haven't uploaded in forever :( id really like to get back into making videos so here is my proposition. i am trying to become a freelance editor. i have edited videos for school projects and for my own YouTube video's i have been practicing...
  6. Swaggyrice official

    Gaming Swaggyrice official

    I’m a new YouTuber. I play games like nba 2k18 and madden and cod and many more. I’m really just trying to grow and get my content out there. Cause I know I have stuff that people are going to want to see. I post MWF. And well I hope y’all check out my channel and sub


    :) Olá eu sou WELL FIGHTER e tenho um canal do YOUTUBE destinado há Gameplay de Jogos de luta/Jogos Retro/Unboxing/Critica/Youtube e outras coisinhas mais com o intuito de trazer um bom contéudo para todos uma forma de entertenimento/informação e Diversão, sem ir nessa onda de video apelativos...
  8. Row

    Gaming Introduce myself

    Hello @DaYz luchador Please tell us more about yourself, you can refer to this thread for reference on what to say! You can edit your post. :) After that, here are some cool things you can do as a new member: Swing by the chat box located at the bottom right part of the forums (We'll be...
  9. Paranoia Origins 2

    Gaming My Introduction!

    For starters, I'm Paranoia Origins and I'm a starting out YouTuber for over few half a year now? I made it to 50 subscribers and 350+ views wooooh as of 2017. I'm not at all sure why I even came here or if Freedom is the right choice at all because I've had a lot of others networks reject me...
  10. Mr Grim

    YouTube Views Milestone 17,000 YouTube views

    Hi guys how are you all doing. As you can tell from the title I've hit over 17,000 views on my YouTube channel in under a month. I honestly can not believe this. I'm amazed by this number. When I started YouTube I thought that I would get 17 views. I know its not the biggest numbers in the world...
  11. H

    Gaming My way onto Freedom

    The way i found myself on Freedom was because i saw this link to sign up for a partnership and i did so. I'm a mini youtuber by the name Halo Upgame and as my name says i play alot of Halo

    Gaming Hi guys! I'm LOGI THAIS nice to meet you everyone.

    Hey what's up guys, my name is LOGI THAIS, I'm new member of Freedom!, It is great to be a member of this Partner to know day by day this community or should I say this family, I'm from Mexico, so I'm doing the best effort to write in english I hope you people understand what I'm saying :D. I...
  13. J

    Soy Jaxmen. hola.

    No se quien seas tu, pero a ti te digo hola. A aquel que lee esto, pues, ola ke ase. Ya te imaginaras, soy un we de 14 años sin aspiraciones en la vida, que en su ciclo de valer verga se le ocurrio hacer videos para YT, y pues eso, me pongo a grabar/editar cuando tengo tiempo, y pues me meti a...
  14. Kairos Gaming

    Gaming Hello, my name's pdot from Kairos Gaming

    Hey let me introduce myself. I'm Pdot, I am currently taking a year out of university and I thought I would try create a youtube channel in my spare time. I love to edit videos and play games, my first console was a playstation 1 and I've remained faithful to the playstation series but I am keen...
  15. Sir Sheeps

    Service Request Goh check out SirSheeps

    Sup people! I am a gaming youtuber! I've got over 200 subs, but could you check out my channel and the would be massive! Any feedback is appreciated and if you like then drop a sub! My channel: Many thanks; SirSheeps
  16. Charxander Origin

    Gaming Guess I Am Not Needed Here...

    Been ages since we played Skywars, and I always forget that David could probably handle anything by himself in this game. However, with a hacker out and about, I am not sure if David really can survive this battle.
  17. AmblerA

    PC I NEED PEOPLE TO PLAY GAMES WITH! Rocket League, The Culling, Stronghold

    If you have any of these 3 games or games that would be brilliant to play for a YouTube video then add me on steam and let's get to it :) Stronghold would just be for fun whereas the other games can be great for YouTube videos and can help us to grow our channels together! Can't wait for your...
  18. AmblerA


    Please Help me with this issue, I am wanting to play and record ps4 games through my Elgato, but I'm not sure if I need one monitor for the PS4 and one for the Elgato / PC? Kind regards AmblerA
  19. AmblerA

    Gaming TOMB RAIDER!

  20. AmblerA

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Secret Glitch for No Damage Falling in 'The Forest'

    There is a glitch in The Forest that allows you to free fall off cliffs without taking any damage. If you are wanting to get to the bottom of the crater without dying repeatedly and you do not own the climbing axe to get down safely then all you have to do is, open up your inventory on the edge...