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Apr 18, 2016
I'm Sarah, nearly 24 years old--although I don't look it--I have Cystic Fibrosis and I want to inspire people simply through living a fun life and laughing through hard times.

Although my youtube account isn't too new, I only just recently started uploading more frequently, and plan to continue growing from here! Starting with weekly uploads!

I joined this forum to meet other youtubers, and as a place to search for tips when needed!

I have a few channels, but That Nerd With The Hair is the channel I'm currently focusing on growing. I don't plan to specialize in one type of content, just what I think will be fun! So far, I mostly have unboxing videos and a "nerdy" fundraiser, but over time, I'd like to grow my channel with things like gaming, vlogging, fun challenges, collaborations, etc.

Excited to meet some fellow youtubers! : )
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