GFX Request I need a new banner - Please help!


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Apr 10, 2016
Morning guys,

I'm in need of a new YouTube banner, and I'm hoping you guys are here to help! I don't need anything too out of this world, just a rather simple showcase similar to my current one, but stands out more than it currently does. This I also aim to put across all of my social media, something I'm struggling with when it comes to the size of each image.

The only rule I have in place its that it has to show Microsoft Flight Simulator in the centre, Train Simulator on the left and OMSI Bus Simulator on the right - I've included a couple screenshots and placed them in a MEGA folder.!b5ITjYyS!9DUQMdmv5nUdtud1dfdIwA

If possible, any text could be done in Purista, I've included the font as well in the folder. This however is something I can edit in Photoshop after.

I'm also dropping the 'Games' from my username, just leaving me with Drawyah on the banner, one of the main reasons I'm changing this.

I hope someone is up for the challenge!