1. Carl D

    Call of karen

    So this new simulator game out on steam is pretty decent reminds me I am bread simulator game. The challenges or puzzles are pretty much simple and straight to the point.
  2. Gameable17

    American Truck Simulator

    American Truck Simulator is a newer game than Euro Truck Simulator 2, it is made by the same company, SCS Software and was released on November 9th, 2015. I have over 90 hours in this game and I do enjoy it, first the positives, like Euro Truck Simulator 2, this game is updated regularly...
  3. Gameable17

    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been out for a while, relaced on October 19th, 2012 to be exact, and made by a company named SCS Software, who also brought you games like the 18 Wheels of Steel franchise and the sister game to this one, American Truck Simulator. This game to Euro Truck Simulator...
  4. Drawyah

    YouTube Views Milestone 1,000,000 VIEWS!

    Today we have hit 1,000,000 lifetime views! We also recently reached 2,300 subscribers, but that's not as interesting. Its also a slightly bittersweet moment as two-fifths of my views come from a single video, showing that my channel is also leaning towards the weaker side too, but its nice to...
  5. Drawyah

    Almost lifelike graphics - X-Plane 11

    While this may not be the most flight sim oriented place in the world, I thought that you guys may be interested in seeing some of these screenshots I just took in the X-Plane 11 simulator. They really can be stunning sometimes. (Click on the image for the full resolution!)
  6. Drawyah

    Gaming Train Sim World Ruhr Sieg Nord livestream + Giveaway!

    Good morning guys, Tonight I will be streaming some of the new Ruhr Sieg Nord route, trying out the trains and talking about the route in general! This will be a first-reactions stream trying out these trains for the first time meaning things also have the possibility of going wrong. Do set a...
  7. Drawyah

    GFX Request I need a new banner - Please help!

    Morning guys, I'm in need of a new YouTube banner, and I'm hoping you guys are here to help! I don't need anything too out of this world, just a rather simple showcase similar to my current one, but stands out more than it currently does. This I also aim to put across all of my social media...
  8. Drawyah

    Gaming Was Microsoft Flight really that bad? (Six year anniversary!)

    Microsoft Flight released to the world on February 29th 2012. Unfortunately though, it wasn't too well recieved by the flight simming community and within a year, Microsoft stopped developing for the game in July 2012 before cancelling all support and shutting down Flight's multiplayer servers...
  9. Drawyah

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 Subscribers during stream!

    Well this was an exciting one for me, I reached 1000 subscribers during my latest livestream! While numbers didn't look like they would support me as this latest jump would see me smash my previous record of subscribers in a month in about 2 hours, I was fortunate enough to push any viewers...
  10. K Army Gaming

    Comedy Getting robbed by Rats -_- Overcooked Hilarious Gameplay

    Rats are stealing our food. hilarious Overcooked gameplay fails. Try not to laugh leave a like comments and sub for more
  11. ShadowStorm0321

    Gaming PC Building Simulator Let's play

    Just want to share this video with you guys because I love building PC, and this game made me not know anything about PC XD :P
  12. DraycosDragon

    PC Multiple PC Games (collabs accepted)

    I've recently downloaded over 7 games and I've had a few prior to getting them. I would like to do collab video with other people on the games. If you have Steam and at least 1 of the following games and you are 16 years of age or older and if you have either a Twitch or YouTube, then please let...
  13. K Army Gaming

    Comedy TABS - Not Even Satan Can Survive These Bullets XD

    TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) Hilarious gameplay and funny moments. Hope y'all enjoy the video leave a like comment what y'all think. never had so much fun watching fights XD
  14. QuietBlackGuy

    Gaming The Definition of War| Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #1

    Hey everyone, I just recorded this pretty cool game. Give me some feedback please :) Oh! Show some support for my channel and subscribe :)
  15. QuietBlackGuy

    Comedy League of Legends Simulator Ft. Keemstar

    I haven't seen people make these yet. So hope you enjoy! :D R.i.p Off topic forums
  16. Scalperhero

    Gaming Youtubers Life - A New Start - Season 2 - Part 1

    This is a new season of youtubers life since the update messed me up a bit. when i tried to play on my save to carry on the series after the update it wouldn't have me record any videos (in game) so i had to start a new season for this series and this time we will be blasting out everything that...
  17. Scalperhero

    Gaming Let's play Youtuber's Life - 5000 Subscribers - Part 2

    Welcome back to my youtubers life playthrough we was able to get to 5k subscribers which i am really really happy about, we also did a lot of studying so that made mum give a hug which means we are pretty much on our way to passing the test :D the reason i studied so much in the game is because...
  18. Scalperhero

    Gaming Tube Tycoon - Youtube Names - Youtube Simulator - Part 6 (Indie Game)

    In this episode of tube tycoon i start to use other youtube names other than the big youtubers. and on my first youtube name that i use is a youtube friend of mine and using his youtube name almost got me 1000 views on the daily vlog lol i was happy about that i just wish that it was over the...