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Oct 17, 2014
Long story short, I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, when it comes to something, I will grind it till achieve my goal, even if that goal makes nothing of it, I will continue doing what, I love to do. This is just a few of the ups and downs, I went through doing youtube as a content creator, in 2021 I'm just done with youtube, I will be moving to twitch.

I started uploading Nintendo gameplay walkthroughs, I was getting from 1k to 10k views back then, almost a year into uploading, on that channel. Nintendo decided to deleted my channel, zero warnings they just wiped, my channel from the site. I did have a huge, following, but I left no way for viewers to find me, if the channel ever got taken down, I killed my chance to make it big and hold on to those viewers.

I made a different channel that focused on FPS games, I had almost 2,000 subscribers, I would play call of duty, I have loads of series of videos, over 90+ episodes, well over 2,000 videos, I was getting from 100-1k views. 2017 came along YouTube terminated my adsense account everything was just going wrong. I said goodbye to that channel. Gamesjmdog <--- I have loads of content here.
after they terminated my fps channel for no reason, they said I had invalid click activity, they won't let me appeal it.

Content on my Twitch channels
I have been playing video games for almost 25 years, I would love to do this full time and will continue to make my content better everyday. I have been doing YouTube for a long time.
I recently did a 24 hour steam of New World and hit level 60 in 4 days, I can't wait for release so, I can do a 40 hour stream when it comes out.

2008-2016 I started streaming on Justintv/twitch, "2008 Account" "2012 account"

2012-2014 I did twitch, I grew my first twitch channel to 2,000 followers in 160-200 days, I quit in 2015 because it was not working. I was not able to continue streaming, I was never earning money. I was doing 12+ hour streams a day, it got to the point, I was grinding for no reason, since viewers who followed me, never came back, it was not because, I was not entertaining, I had loads of viewers who would come back as normal regulars.

I made a new channel called tech jmdog, I planned to build computers and stuff, but then, I turned it into a gaming channel + tech channel. Future, I plan to make video tutorials and build computers. I would like to start a 24-7 streamer house and live stream games, but that's a whole different project, when I become a bigger YouTuber.

2020 March 1 to September 30th, I had a total of 50k views from Sea of thieves guide videos. I still only have 60 subscribers. almost every video, I upload I put 1millon + 100% into the video before it gets
Screen shot of 50k views + 1.200 hours of watch time, views here
2021 I'm pushing toward my next project making another Nintendo only upload channel I'm making it more family friendly like I did in 2006. I will just play loads of old Nintendo games and possibly PlayStation. N64MasterTut <---- I already have a few videos up and some old stuff from years ago when, I had a terrible microphone.
Content, I do on my YouTube channels.
More Content, I do on my YouTube channels.
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