1. VarioNVM


    Gonna be streaming a lot more often now so there's a good chance you can find me streaming at this very moment! Main games are; Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3, Fortnite, COD & COD Zombies, Star Wars, Battlefield https://www.twitch.tv/varionvm/
  2. RyanSellers

    Sea of Thieves | Full Release is now out!

    GAME NEWS Hey all YouTube gamers in the Freedom Community! The game, "Sea of Thieves" is now officially released on PC and X Box One! It's a fun pirate based game! It costs like $60 or $10 a month though. Sea of Thieves Website https://www.seaofthieves.com
  3. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment BLACK PHANTOM Film TEASER #3 | 'It's nearly here...' | GTA V Film HD

    It's nearly here... Black Phantom has nearly completed production. Enjoy this small action-packed teaser, preparing you for what's to come... "Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to dismantle 'Black Phantom'; a sinister terror network built upon the ruins of the disavowed...

    Gaming Media: THIS IS SO COOL | Delver - EP.01

    ►New? Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOl7ehykIvmZYtqATNHkQPA ►Feel free to follow me: https://twitter.com/HZoreon
  5. KnightHunter Studios

    Request Review on GTA Black Phantom (GTA V Machinima) Trailer?

    Hi everyone, So us at KnightHunter Studios are now currently working on our 8th, yes 8th, movie in our 'Grand Theft Auto' machinima franchise, and so far it has been a blast! The franchise, we must stress, is very orientated around the Bond and Mission Impossible franchise, so you will get that...
  6. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment GTA Black Phantom (GTA V Machinima) - NEW update video, NEW pictures + MORE!

    Finally, we're back! In today's video, JJ and Sam discuss the reasoning as to why we have been inactive for a while, as well as giving you an update on the current status of 'Black Phantom', and what's to be expected in the future. "Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to...
  7. S

    Gaming Need help to grow

    Hello, I run a group gaming channel with my friends and family, we've been making videos for quite a while now, but we remain at only 15 subs, looking for some help from people that we can have fun with and play some, PS4 or PC, games, looking forward to meeting some other creators as well.
  8. G

    PC Looking for longterm squad to do youtube with (funny)(pc)

    i need someone to stream and record with for youtube because i want to have funny friends to play with we will record 2 times a week and stream every Friday discord is Zivo_Gaming#9993
  9. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gamer Section Podcast is looking for Panel members

    This is Tha Real Young Kano. I have a podcast called "Gamer Section Podcast" where we talk about the latest news, reviews, discussions, etc. We plan on doing Gamer Section Night on Xbox, Playstation, nintendo. We are currently looking for a PC person, Nintendo person, Playstation person, & a...
  10. Caretaker Gamer

    Gaming New to the Forum.. But Hello All!!

    Greetings, I'm Caretaker Gamer and I am new to the Forums here. I was mostly on mgn.tm but for some reason, not many people are using it anymore and would like to continue to have discussions with other Freedom creators! My channel is a gaming channel that focuses on creating positive content...
  11. Tha Real Young One

    Single Player Games or Multiplayer Games

    Do you think Single player games are dying and mulitplayer games rising or it's the other way arround?
  12. Tha Real Young One

    VR Looking for PC, Plstation, & Nintendo Gamers for my podcast

    I"m looking for a PC guy or girl, Playstation Guy or Girl, and a Nintendo Guy or Girl as panel members to my podcast "The Gamer Section" If you are interested please contact me at [email protected] or http://Twitter.com/RealYoungKano Gamer Section Podcast:
  13. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Breaking News: Recore Sequel Confirmed!!!!!

  14. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Podcasters

    I have a podcast called "Gamer Section Podcast" where we talk about the latest gaming news, reviews, heated no holds bars discussions. I"m looking for gamers from all angles that love talking gaming. If you are interested please contact me back on here or on http://twtiter.com/RealYoungKano
  15. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gamer Section Podcast

    I have a podcast called "The Gamer Section Podcast" and we are looking for a female gamer that can give a woman's opinion on gaming. If you are interested contact me on twitter @GamerSection
  16. SXIFerny5709

    Gaming Playstation Experience 2017 (PSX 2017)

    Have a thrill at the convention! Hope you guys enjoy this collage of clips. :D
  17. TheSirEnglish

    PC Lets be the next Yogscast?

    Okay so hear me out, the yogscast media group may or may not be your forte but I basically want to be part of a great gaming community with a good group of people and hopefully forming some friendships along the way to becoming successful youtubers. I've been searching the forums and can't...
  18. Alvaro-Mati Viilver

    Homefront for free 48 hours

    Hello! If you wish to get new game for free, then u have now the chance to get that. Humblebundle give a free homefront right now for 48 hours. Free game link is: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/homefront?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Link&utm_campaign=Homefront_Free_Game_Announce...
  19. Won

    How Good is Your PC?

    What's up guys! This is particularly aimed at Gaming Youtubers, but any Youtuber on here...What are your PC specs? Are you able to do everything you'd like on it, Editing, Uploading, Photoshopping, etc?!
  20. A

    PC Looking for a Group

    Hey guys, looking for a group of fun people to play some games with. Prefer older people (I don't want to get yelled at by some mom.) I play the following mostly: (am willing to play whatever though.) Fortnite Minecraft CS:GO Golf with your Friends Rocket League I also only do discord so if...