1. Johannes89

    Gaming Free Steam Games

    Hey guys i would like to do some callobration regarding free steam games. we share the games we got on steam for free and maybe do a gameplay videos of that game if you got any nice games that you got on steam for free do share with freedom community so other can also get some games for free...
  2. Videojuegos4Evr

    Colaboración en PC Busco gente para colaborar

    Buenas a todos, soy jugador de PC y busco gente con la que colaborar. Me dedico a grabar en PC videojuegos o incluso hablar sobre un tema simplemente como he hecho en alguna ocasión (dar opiniones) Soy de España y preferiblemente busco gente de alli por los horarios, pero si nos podemos adaptar...
  3. H

    Gaming Any help for a starting gaming channel?

    Hey guys im a 16 year old streamer/youtube (or atleast i wanna be XD) i have a nice setup and all i need for recording i just dont have much motevation to do it sincei have no subs/veiwers any help for that to get my self out there?
  4. Tacta Bros

    Gaming Looking for some people to play Garrys Mod with or any other steam game

    Hey whats up fellow gamers its Tacta Bros here and I am looking for some people to collaborate with on YouTube! Some of the games I play are Garry's Mod, Total War, Arma 3...etc. So if you are looking to play and record some games hit me up on my discord account @ Tacta Bros #5412 or add my on...
  5. Tacta Bros


    Hey guys its Tacta Bros here with a quick description of my channel and a little something about me for you new viewers and users. I am from Houston, Texas, and I am 19 years old. I found freedom by searching for YouTube forums on the internet and I joined the forums to expand my horizon and to...
  6. J

    PC CSGO, Minecraft, etc Collaboration..

    Hey There, My name is Junan, and unlike my close youtube friends. I still to Let's Play's a other gaming stuff.I tend to not care for swearing or other messed up or dark humor, whatever makes you laugh. So I need more people to record with. If you are instered let me know add me on discord at...
  7. EmperorFun

    Gaming **GIVEAWAY** Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Just follow this link to enter: The Giveaway runs until the first of July I will be giving away one copy of Ghost Recon Wildlands on steam or if you have the game already a game of similar value of your choice. Good Luck to everyone that joins. Music from...
  8. CephasRed

    Gaming NO SANCTUARY HERE... | Outlast 2 (Part 5)

    Marta is on the hunt for us and she happens to be EVERYWHERE. Hopefully the church will provide safety...much to my it's time to go to the mines! Game: Outlast 2 Genre: Horror, Thriller, Action, Chase, First Person Rating: 18+
  9. CephasRed

    Gaming THE TOMB OF THE PROPHET | Rise of the Tomb Raider (Part 2)

    Near the northern border of Syria supposedly lies the resting place of the legendary Prophet whom Lara's father was searching for before he died. The ever resilient Lara Croft will of course risk life and limb to obtain the secrets of this mysterious prophet before Trinity does! Just a...
  10. CephasRed

    Gaming DELIGHTFULLY DARK AND ADORABLE | MINDCUBES - Inside The Twisted Gravity Puzzle

    You're a cute, small, fuzzy bunny with big red eyes trying to find the exit, and the only way to reach it is to twist the entire room around while collecting achievements along the way! A puzzling brain-teaser that will turn heads mentality and physically! This fun little game was created by...
  11. CephasRed

    Gaming BRAIN BURN... | Portal Stories: Mel (Part 9)

    There are puzzles meant to challenge the PORTAL veterans and make them work extremely hard to keep their unique title...and feel accomplished for their work...then there's these three puzzles...meant to cause the most experienced player to melt their thinking box. Why must you torture PORTAL...
  12. CephasRed

    Gaming TREE OF DEATH... | KHOLAT (Part 3)

    We now head Eastward into the forest where the orange cloud burns around and a humongous tree of nightmares looms high above head, and then we go North-Eastward where the caves lock away a tearful explorer, long passed and forgotten. We uncover more of what happened to the student explorers, all...
  13. CephasRed

    Gaming WELL THIS IS FAMILIAR! | Portal Stories: Mel (Part 8)

    In this episode, we trek higher into the enrichment center and come across the forest jungle that took over Aperture Science long LONG ago...all from one simple potato. Ah, the memories~ Also, we look for more information as to who AEGIS is! Game: Portal Stories: Mel Genre: Puzzle, Adventure...
  14. CephasRed

    Gaming FOUND THE MONSTER!!! | KHOLAT (Part 2)

    With a confusing map and compass in hand, we're on the search to save the souls of the fallen students in the Kholat mountains. There's something undeniably ominous throughout this if we've reached another dimension or a certain limbo of some kind. Either way, it's creepy, it's...
  15. CephasRed

    Gaming FRIEND OR FOE...? | The Silent Age (Part 9)

    Almost done! The objective to destroy the time machine's computer is a go, and we run into our friend that we haven't seen since the beginning of the game. Wonder what he's up to...? Game: The Silent Age Genre: Point and Click, Puzzle, Adventure Rating: 13+
  16. CephasRed

    Gaming WRACKING MY BRAIN HERE! | Portal Stories: Mel (Part 7)

    Continuing the escape out of Aperture Science, Virgil tries to override AEGIS and continue to provide help for us, while we solve extremely hard puzzles that almost make others quit. For someone who's extremely experienced in PORTAL like I am, there are some puzzles that make me wonder how it's...
  17. CephasRed

    Gaming NO, THAT'S DUMB...! | The Silent Age (Part 8)

    Time to come back and find Dr. Lambert in the Archon facility to destroy the data and keep the world-ending virus from destroying humanity! I took a break from this game for a while, but now I have to finish what I started. Unfortunately, I forgot how frustrating this game is when there are...
  18. CephasRed

    Gaming ONE TRAGIC WINTER AGO... | KHOLAT (Part 1)

    It's time for another epic series now with my updated new technology and graphics. KHOLAT is a game based on a tragic story about a group of school kids who went on an expedition to the Kholat mountains and didn't return home... Come experience the first several minutes of this awesome game and...
  19. CephasRed

    Gaming MEET VIRGIL THE CORE! | Portal Stories: Mel (Part 6)

    Back into the dilapidated facility that was Aperture Science, we're off to find the source of the "Voice In The Sky". Who could it be and what kind of new adventure awaits us as we leave the deep underground tomb? Game: Portal Stories: Mel Genre: Action, Adventure, Fan-Made, Official, Puzzle...
  20. CephasRed


    Time to confront Mama and take her down. Will we succeed? The results may be more shocking then you'd expect...but I never thought it would end THIS way... Now if you excuse me...I have some things to take care of. Game: Little Nightmares Genre: Creepy, Horror, Thriller, Scary Rating: 16+