1. stevicity

    VLOG Free Promo for 3 Second Clip

    Hello, my name is Steven and I run a small group of channels under the umbrella name Citrus Media and in July 2016 I will be re-launching my channels (currently all content is down while I make new, better content) and I would like to enlist your help and in return I will give you free...
  2. GomezGaming

    PC Looking for a collab video with someone. We play all sorts of games :)

    Hey guys, Its GomezGaming, so we were hoping to possibly do a collab video with someone if any of you guys are interested?? We do mainly pc games, we like all sorts of games, scary games are one of our favorites. We were just thinking a good old collaboration video would be fun, so if...
  3. TheGamingExite

    Gaming Gmod Prop Hunt - You Can Become A Toilet Paper !! (Garry's Mod Funny Moments)

  4. MrCocoMacoStick

    PC Most games like Cs, Civ 5, Forest, Dota 2, space engineers and more

    If you want to do collaborations and have these games and more like rust, LoL, from the depths, GTA 5, Dayz COD, AND MANY OTHERS, just add me on steam my steam is MrCocoMacoStick only one there, i prefer playing games with people and find it easier to make funnier videos with people also add me...
  5. Raging Apple

    Gaming PC Gaming Collaboration!

    I'm not only looking for someone to record videos with regularly but to make some new friends. To a lot of people subs are important so I guess I'll tell you my Subscriber count (1016) One of my favourite things about Youtube is recording with friends so If your from the age 15 - 19 (I'm 16...
  6. craxyyy

    PC I can help you for YouTube(Banners,Logos,etc.)

    Hello there! I am very good at Photoshop and can help everybody who need. I can make Intros,Outros,Banners,Logo,thumbnails or whatever you want to grow your channel faster. If someone needs my help,just tell me in the comments. The price of the logos,banners,etc. is advertisement- e.g. put my...
  7. RedRyot

    PC Looking to Collaborate

    Hi guys. New to the Freedom! network and would like to possibly collab with another content creator or group of creators. I am looking for someone to collaborate with more towards my age of 18 as I aim my content towards older audiences. I am not picky in games, as I play many different games...
  8. Invindictus

    PC PC Gamers Unite! #Steam

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for anybody with a PC, with or without steam to collaborate with. I play any game, if you want you can join a Skype Group (FOR LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH ONLY, NO ADVERTISING.) I'm especially looking for people to play Rust with. I may make a Steam Group unless...
  9. Brinjolf

    Community Machinima Collaboration.

    This word was stolen from us video makers by a great evil... I plan on taking it back. Machinima was a word used in the beginning days of youtube to describe a scripted movie, or play done inside a video game with film-like directing, editing, and plots. I have gone so far as to write several...
  10. ThatNerdWithTheHair

    Community Crack-a-Cure Challenge Collab

    Hey, guys! I'm "That Nerd With The Hair" and I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis. So do these two little girls who came up with a great challenge to spread the word about CF! (Watch this video here!) Although I've never met them, I loved this idea and wanted in on it. Here's how you can help spread...
  11. Dennis Gromov

    PC Minecraft, CSGO, And ore (Gaming Group)

    Looking for a team to play PC games. Can include minecraft, csgo, rocket league, and more. I am not looking for people that will give me their skype and then never use it to play games. Looking for people that are going to take collabs seriously. But most importantly looking for people that will...
  12. hyp3er

    PC Looking for people to record with

    I am known as hyper and I decided to go into youtube. I really enjoy doing videos and playing games. I don't really have a schedule when I will upload I do it when I feel I want to. That is usually every day. I am looking for some PC players to record with. Now I have one more friend with me who...
  13. Cameron White

    Gaming Star Wars: Battlefront Collaboration!

    Hey guys! If anyone is interested I am looking for a YouTuber who plays Star Wars: Battlefront and we can play and record together. Help each other grow and improve. Please just comment below if you are interested and we can talk. :)
  14. ThatNerdWithTheHair

    Community Hey, guys!

    I'm Sarah, nearly 24 years old--although I don't look it--I have Cystic Fibrosis and I want to inspire people simply through living a fun life and laughing through hard times. Although my youtube account isn't too new, I only just recently started uploading more frequently, and plan to continue...
  15. Invindictus

    GFX A small, truthful Introduction.

    Hello everyone, My name is Desean and I'm from South London. I play games whenever I can and do graphic design in my spare time. I have been through about 13 YouTube channels, just to change my name each time. I am trying, for once in my life, to stick to this channel; to consistently upload...
  16. EnderCrewOfficial

    PC Minecraft collaboration!! minigames

    Hey guys I'm hoping to collab with anyone around my youtube sub count or even higher if thats possible! I mostly just play minecraft, so if you're interested let me know!!
  17. EnderCrewOfficial

    Gaming Minecraft Collaboration!!! (PC)

    Hey guys anyone interested in doing a minecraft (PC) collab with me let me know!!!
  18. marijnmeijers

    Gaming 300 subs and really want to collab!

    Hi guys, I'm Marijn Meijers and in 7 weeks I have 300 subscribers. I really want to collaborate with some-one so that both of our channels can grow! I have a gaming channel and any game is welcome so search me on youtube: "Marijn Meijers". Send me a pm and we will talk about the terms later...
  19. Dennis Gromov

    PC Starting A Team (MC, Rocket League, CSGO, and more)

    Looking for people that have access to the games listed in title and maybe others along the road. Thinking of making a gaming team where we all just play fun games. Looking for a team of 3-5 or 6 people. If you would like to join leave this down below (must be 14 or older): What you wanna be...
  20. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays Don't Starve Together w/ Friends #3

    The survival in the frost continues as the struggle for food, fire and more begins. But not to worry, I got another