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  1. H

    Gaming First ever escape on dead by daylight!

    Hello and welcome. This video I took from my live stream is my first ever escape on dead by daylight. I think this game went pretty smooth and well I learned alot on how to play this game! I hope you enjoy!
  2. DraycosDragon

    Live CHARITY EVENT (via YouTube & via Tiltify)

    Hello there! For those who don't know, I'm known online as a YouTuber and a Twitch streaming. However, due to issues, my streams are being done on YouTube until further notice. Which brings up why I'm making this post... WHY A CHARITY CAMPAIGN/EVENT? I left a goal (well... more like a challenge...
  3. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda LIVE! | A Link To The Past Randomized ★Master Sword★

    Welcome everyone to the my live playthroughs of The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Randomizers. I a big fan of these games and enjoy both this and Ocarina of Time as well. But A Link to the Past will have a place in my heart. Anyway this is my Master Sword run, or Pedestal is what its...
  4. Sneaker shopping therapy

    Gaming Tried going live on my youtube channel need help

    Decided to go live on my youtube channel and do some gaming think I need to improve the stream quality any tips? Currently using OBS so if anyone have some tips on improving the quality hit me up please
  5. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch live streamer looking for partners

    Hey there! I'm a Twitch streamer currently doing tabletop style games on Roll20 every 2nd Sunday and general gaming on every other Sunday. If anyone wants to join me for any of the following games, please DM me if you are available to join me for any of the games (PC games only)... GAMES I PLAY...
  6. DraycosDragon

    PC Tabletop RPG (via Roll20) - LIVE STREAM COLLAB (16+)

    Hey there! I've have a Discord group for a tabletop style RPG which I'm planning to eventually stream. If anyone is interested and wants to be either a player, a GM (Game Master), or switch (meaning you switch between the 2 depending on whose turn it is that day), then please let me know...
  7. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch Streamer

    Hello there! I don't recall doing an introduction here. But just in case, I thought I might as well do one now. First off... I'm a solo Canadian live streamer who does Twitch streams (sometimes drunk streams but not as much as I used to). Due to the computer I have, I currently only have 5...
  8. C

    Live First Livestream

    Hello, My name is Chandler, I am Youtube Streamer. I am going to be streaming on May 18th, 2018 on youtube- I hope to see you guys join the stream and leave your feedback. I will have TTS on so you can directly send me your thoughts...
  9. RyanSellers

    Live Scary Stream Stalker Story

    Story about my friends live stream: Someone personated my friends dad on his live stream like a week and a half ago or so. He has no idea how the person got his dad's name, because he doesn't talk about him on social media and his dad isn't on social media because he passed away years ago. His...
  10. Madness Waanzin

    Gaming Madnesske's YouTube: Gaming Since 1990 !

    Madnesske's YouTube: Gaming Since 1990 ! Hello everyone ! My name is "Madnesske" and i have been gaming since 1990. I love gaming,movies & music and on my YouTube channel you wil find videos from my game-streams on Twitch, gamingvideos and musicvideos i made and some random stuff. My biggest...
  11. Dan Bates 17


  12. RyanSellers

    Live Fortnite Mobile - MustardPlays

    I am promoting my friend MustardPlays today! He has 17k subscribers in the past year since he started. He is going live on his YouTube channel playing Fortnite Mobile version. He is giving about codes today. He is the brother of the head developer of EPIC Games. He also has another brother that...
  13. Deathlake

    Gaming Puss! a cat humping another!

    Please do comment below what you thought was a simple game but end up struggling even in the early stages XD or if you own a pet cat! ^^ this one just wants to die o.o, so many deaths.
  14. RyanSellers

    News New YouTube Live Stream Features!

    Everyone who live stream is gonna love these new features! My favorite YouTube Guru, and good friend of mine, Derral Eves tells you all about all of the new things added in the video below:
  15. Dan Bates 17


    Hey everyone i will now be live streaming on Twitch from now on so if you haven't yet please come follow me and come say hi . Thankyou
  16. Drawyah

    YouTube 4k 1k rule breakdown - What will you require?

    Afternoon guys, Thought I would make you a quick breakdown of the 4k 1k rule, showing you what exactly you will need in order to make this threshold for channels that are interested. First up, the 1,000 subscribers. That's self-explanatory, you need 1,000 subscribers, nuff said. Now the 4,000...
  17. DraycosDragon

    Podcast Drunk Podcast/Stream (21+)

    I'm planning to do some drunk live streams... podcast style streams. It'll just be me and you (and maybe a couple of my Youtube/Twitch friends) talking about your experiences, your channel(s), your videos, etc. Sometimes we'll ask things the viewers want to know as well. WHAT'S WITH THE "DRUNK"...
  18. DraycosDragon

    PC Gaming collab group for Twith and Youtube content creators

    I have an entire Discord group for all who are looking to collab with other people. It is called YATS which stands for "Youtuber And Twitch Streamers". Currently it's just about gaming via live streams. But there could be other things included as well... CURRENT THINGS USED FOR STREAMS Cards...
  19. Scalperhero

    Live Dead By Daylight Live Stream - Let's Kill As Many People As We Can! - Road to 1k

    Playing Dead by daylight I will be playing all the killers that I have which are only the standard killers but still I will be using the Trapper, The Hillbilly, The nurse and also the Huntress, I may even play as survivor for some games as well not sure will see how we do as the killer the main...
  20. DraycosDragon

    Other Milestone First follower milestone (Twitch)

    Within the last year I have reached the following milestones on Twitch. If you want to check my Twitch channel out, the Twitch name is the same as on here... DraycosDragon TWITCH MILESTONES First 100 followers before the final day or 2017 Finally got so many viewers, followers, hours streamed...